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The toothed diamond coated band saw blade with stainless backing material
  • Large workpiece dimensions
  • Concrete materials, carbon fibre reinforced plastic, sintered materials, virgin stone
  • Glass, graphite, high-fired graphite, ceramic, silicon
  • Oil-free cooling lubricant usable
  • No corrosion of backing material during longer downtime
  • Large gullet for material chipping
  • Short cutting time due to excellent cutting rate
  • Protruding segments with diamond coating in different distances
  • Backing material made of stainless special steel
Dimensions Tooth pich in tpi
Width x Thickness Pitch T
mm Inch mm
13 x 0.50 1/2 x 0.020 8
20 x 0.50 3/4 x 0.020 8
41 x 0.50 1-5/8 x 0.020 20
41 x 0.80 1-5/8 x 0.032 20
80 x 1.10 3-1/8 x 0.042 12
80 x 1.10 3-1/8 x 0.042 30
Grain sizes: D64, D91, D126, D151, D181, D252, D301, D356, D426, D501, D601, D711
Alternative band dimensions upon request
  • Silicon, Glass, Fiberglass, Natural stone
Level 1
Standard band saw blades that can be used universally
Level 2
Band saw blades that offer high performance
Level 3
High-tech band saw blades that meet the highest standards
Special products for use in high-performance sawing technology and very special applications

To make it easier for you to select the right products, WIKUS groups its band saw blades into three performance classes. Furthermore, WIKUS also offers special blades.

For more information on classification, please click here.