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The specialist for „hard shell and soft core“
  • Surface hardened components and hard chrome plated workpieces
  • Through hardened steels up to 65 HRC, Manganese high carbon steel
  • Hardened materials machined by cutting
  • Good cutting rates and good surface quality
  • Increased efficiency due to high blade-life
  • Optimised special geometry with negative rake angle
  • Ground trapezoid tooth without set
Dimensions Tooth pich in tpi
Width x Thickness
mm Inch 3-4 2-3
27 x 0.90 1-1/16 x 0.035 TSN
34 x 1.10 1-3/8 x 0.042 TSN TSN
41 x 1.30 1-5/8 x 0.050 TSN TSN
54 x 1.60 2-1/8 x 0.063 TSN
67 x 1.60 2-5/8 x 0.063 TSN
Contact length[mm]
TSN = Tooth shape TSN

UPGRADE: The new product generation of WIKUS´proven special band saw blade FUTURA® SN is available effective immediately. Tool lives up to twice as long can be achieved compared to the previous version thanks to its optimized tooth geometry in conjunction with the perfectly matched cutting material.
  • Induction hardened & chrome plated parts
Level 1
Standard band saw blades that can be used universally
Level 2
Band saw blades that offer high performance
Level 3
High-tech band saw blades that meet the highest standards
Special products for use in high-performance sawing technology and very special applications

To make it easier for you to select the right products, WIKUS groups its band saw blades into three performance classes. Furthermore, WIKUS also offers special blades.

For more information on classification, please click here.