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The free-cutting action of the band saw blade is achieved by means of the tooth set, where the teeth
protrude alternately left and right beyond the blade body.

Standard set (SD)

                      toothing interval

All-purpose set for cutting thicknesses of more than 5 mm with steels, castings and hard non-ferrous metals.
Constant tooth pitch: set sequence is left/ right /straight.
Variable tooth pitch: one tooth in each toothing interval is unset, the remaining teeth in the interval are recurrently set left/right or in the reverse order.

Staggered set (SFN)

The various set widths enable an optimal division of the cutting channel which leads to an improvement of performance and blade

Group set (GS)

For band saw blades in the tooth pitch range of 4-18 tpi, improved surface quality is obtained using the group set.

Wavy set (WS)

We recommend wavy set for material dimensions of up to 5 mm, like sheets, thin-walled tubes and profiles.