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Skip tooth (L)

Rake angle: 0°, for:

  •  flexible materials (aluminum and wood)
     only available from the tool steel assort-




Standard tooth (S)

Rake angle: 0°, for:

  • short-chipping materials
  • steels with a high carbon content
  • tool steel and cast iron
  • materials with small cross-sections
  • thin-walled profiles

Profile tooth (P)


Rake angle: positive, for:

  • hollow and angle profiles
  • steel beams
  • bundle and layer cuts
  • applications that are susceptible to vibrations

Hook tooth (K)


Rake angle: positive, for:

  • universal use
  • non-ferrous metals and steels
  • profiles and solid materials


Trapezoid tooth (T)

Trapezoid cutting edge geometry

Rake angle: positive, for:

  • high cutting performance
  • optimal surface finishes




Tooth shape TSN (Trapezoid tooth)


Rake angle: negative, especially for:

  • surface-hardened shafts
  • hardened steels up to 62 HRC, hard manganese steels, hard-chrome plated workpieces
  • diameters of up to 300 mm