Learn how automated tool management works with WIstore® and how process costs in purchasing and logistics are reduced.

New, digital tool: WIstore® for the automation of ordering processes is now available

In order to further optimize the ordering of sawing tools for customers, WIKUS-Sägenfabrik Wilhelm H. Kullmann GmbH & Co. KG has developed the WIstore®: a dynamic tool management system.

Spangenberg, 18. February 2021: — With the WIstore® of WIKUS purchasers and logisticians now have a tool for automating the ordering processes for sawing tools. This dynamic tool management system ensures availability according to demand and reduces process costs in purchasing and logistics. With the service solution based on RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, Europe’s largest band saw blade manufacturer strengthens the supply and delivery reliability of its customers and helps them to optimize ordering processes and re-procurement while reducing costs. The WIstore® also offers a daily updated overview of stock levels, order history, and consumption analyses. After a pilot phase in 2020, the service is now fully usable and is already being used successfully by WIKUS customers in purchasing, procurement, and logistics, among other areas.

Digital in three phases of tool management

The new service solution digitizes three phases of tool management: replacement, warehousing, and intralogistics. It thus contributes to the company’s success on several levels. “Many companies complain about the high resources often required for manual ordering or inventory entry,” says Michael Möller, managing director and business manager of corporate group and sales at WIKUS. “Digital tools and service solutions save time and costs, increase efficiency, and ensure smooth production. At the same time, modern tool management with the WIstore® from WIKUS guarantees the greatest possible delivery and supply security.”

With WIstore®, purchasers and logisticians can make ordering processes and re-procurement more efficient and optimize their production logistics. This is because innovative solutions such as WIstore® ensure more transparent and secure supply chains, especially in view of the ongoing transformation towards digitalized process flows in industrial purchasing. They also help address complex global supplier management challenges such as disrupted supply chains or demand fluctuations through automated and dynamic demand-driven sourcing. In addition, goals such as reducing costs and resources in purchasing and production are becoming more important because of increased cost pressure in manufacturing.


With the WIstore®, WIKUS customers benefit from a fully automated, dynamic ordering process and tool management
All deliveries and withdrawals are automatically recorded by the WIstore® using RFID technology, registered and forwarded to WIKUS

Easy integration into existing processes with little effort

Only a few components are required to use the WIstore®. These can be easily integrated into existing storage locations and production facilities, and users need only an RFID reader and the associated RFID antenna, which is built into a passable IP68-certified indoor and outdoor rubber mat.

Automated process for repeat orders

The stock of band saw blades is automatically determined and transferred to WIKUS. If the article stock falls below the agreed threshold value, the automatic reordering at WIKUS takes place. Replenishment thus runs efficiently in the long term – with reduced inventory and the lowest possible capital commitment. Thanks to the WIstore® portal the customer receives various evaluation and analysis options such as important key figures on consumption and stock levels.

An overview of what the WIstore® offers:

  • A fully automated ordering process
  • Low process costs in purchasing and logistics
  • Avoidance of unnecessary capital tie-up in the warehouse
  • Transparency thanks to the WIstore® portal

You can find out more about the WIstore® at www.wikus.com.

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