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downstream sawing process and talked about the latest findings. His presentation about the challenges connected to machining 3D printed parts was continued in a practical setting in the company’s sawing center [...] precision circular saw blades for boosting cutting performance and productivity At the exhibition ‘TUBE’ in Düsseldorf, the WIKUS-Sägenfabrik will be presenting its in-novative sawing applications for the [...] WIKUS – The Establishment of a Family-Run Business 12. December 2019 PRIMAR® M42 awarded as TOP band saw blade of the year by MM MaschinenMarkt The magazine has awarded the Top 15 products in the field

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receive CBN-coated band saw blade technology for the first time in order to economically saw 3D hard alloys and hardened ferrous materials of up to 70 HRC. WIKUS will present the new band saw blades for the [...] expanding its product portfolio to include cubic boron nitride (CBN) coated CUBOGRIT® band saw blades. WIKUS presents a new band saw blade innovation: CUBOGRIT® enables process-reliable machining of hardened ferrous [...] leading range of high-tech sawing tools and once again demonstrating that we are a major contributor to trends in the sawing industry.” CUBOGRIT® K, the continual CBN-coated band saw blade for small workpiece


More News 11. March 2021 WIKUS digitizes and expands WIkademy® New webinar series for more efficient sawing processes 28. January 2021 High customer satisfaction WIKUS convinces with product and service solutions

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Resources“. 11. March 2021 WIKUS digitizes and expands WIkademy® New webinar series for more efficient sawing processes Press Contact Elke Sachs, Head of Marketing +49 5663 500 234 +49 5663 5009 234 marketing@wikus

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right saw bands to help them work more efficiently and with greater performance. WIKUS pursues this mission for its entire range of products and services, from customer service and high-tech saw bands to [...] life of saw bands and reduce costs throughout the tool life cycle and across all industries. Depending on the individual combination of material, cutting data and machine, the appropriate saw bands can be [...] questions. The Band Selector and ParaMaster® digital tools complement the modern, service-oriented concept of the website. While the Band Selector helps the user to select the right saw bands based on the

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