The high-performance circular saw blade with variable tooth pitch for steel pipes and profiles

  • innovative tooth geometry for the interrupted cutting channel
  • variable tooth pitch
  • steels with low carbon levels < 1.5 %
  • 250 mm bis 460 mm


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The high-performance circular saw blade with variable tooth pitch for steel pipes and profiles

Things are really moving at WIKUS. WIKUS demonstrates all its technological and innovative prowess in this new, completely in Spangenberg developed high-tech circular saw blade KREOS®.
KREOS® sets standards for processing thin-walled pipes and profiles with small cross-sections and is highly suitable for cutting applications in mass cut production processes as well.

The innovative specific chip space geometry with small variable tooth pitches based on the WIKUS joint technology lend KREOS® properties that are unique in the market.
KREOS® stands out to its excellent cutting performance that is up to 40% higher than competitive products, making it THE all-round efficient productive solution.

Discover circular saw technology in the fascinating world of holography!

Application Range

ncrease of cutting performance
Increase of cutting performance


  • thin-walled pipes and profiles
  • steels with low carbon levels < 1.5 %, tensile strength up to 1200 N/mm²
  • single and multiple cutting
  • high-performance circular sawing systems in mass cutting processes


  • innovative tooth geometry for the interrupted cutting channel
  • variable tooth pitch
  • carbide tipped with hard material coating

Your advantages at a glance

reduction of cutting costs

thanks to reproducible high cutting performance

higher productivity

thanks to small variable tooth pitches with carbide tips

excellent cutting surface quality

thanks to optimal tip geometry

less saw blade changes and machine downtimes

thanks to a significant increase of blade-life

reduction of sawing noise

thanks to smooth operation with variable tooth pitches

Customer information

Due to an updated coating process, all WIKUS precision circular saw blades will be successively changed to a modified optical appearance. All technical properties, product advantages as well as the usual WIKUS quality remain unchanged.

DiameterCutting widthBlade thicknessBoreNumber of teethPin holes
285,002,001,7540,00 84 4/12/64
285,002,001,7532,00 144 4/9/504/11/63
285,002,502,2540,00 84 4/12/64
315,002,502,2540,00 66 4/12/64
315,002,502,2532,00 84 4/9/50
315,002,502,2532,00 132 4/9/50
315,002,502,2540,00 132 4/11/63
315,002,502,2540,00 132 4/12/64
315,002,502,2550,00 132 4/16/80
315,002,502,2532,00 168 4/9/50
315,002,502,2540,00 168 4/12/642/8/55
350,002,502,2532,00 144 4/12/64
350,002,502,2550,00 144 4/16/80
350,002,502,2550,00 192 4/16/80
350,002,702,5050,00 120 4/16/80
350,002,702,5032,00 144 4/12/64
350,002,702,5050,00 144 4/16/80
350,002,702,5050,00 168 4/16/80
360,002,502,2550,00 102 4/16/80
400,002,702,5050,00 192 4/16/80

  • Case-hardening steels, spring steels and ball-bearing steels
  • Nitrided steel, high-speed steel and tool steel
  • Construction, deep-drawn and machining steels
  • Carbon steels, and quenched and tempered steels
  • Rust-proof and acid-resistant steels

Any more questions?

The experts of our Technical Competence Center are happy to help you answer further technical questions connected to precision circular saw blade selection and use.

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