High-performance circular saw blade for rust- and acid-resistant pipes and profiles

  • innovative tooth geometry for the interrupted cutting channel
  • variable tooth pitch
  • rust- and acid-resistant materials


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High-performance circular saw blade for rust- and acid-resistant pipes and profiles

WIKUS has rounded off its product range with the addition of the newly, completely in Spangenberg developed high-performance circular saw blade MIRUS®. In proven WIKUS quality, MIRUS® is a high-performance, innovative solution for processing thin-walled pipes and profiles in rust- and acid-resistant materials.

MIRUS® optimises your sawing process with a new cutting geometry, a small variable tooth pitch and a unique number of carbide tipped teeth. MIRUS® is in a class of its own in the market with respect to productivity, cost savings and surface quality.

Your advantages at a glance

reduction of tool costs

thanks to reproducible high cutting performance

increase of productivity

thanks to small variable tooth pitches with carbide tips

reduction of saw blades change

thanks to more blade life

good cutting surface

thanks to precise cutting geometry

less finishing

thanks to low-burr cutting

Application Range

Increase of productivity


  • thin-walled pipes and profiles
  • high-performance circular sawing systems in mass cutting processes
  • rust- and acid-resistant materials
  • single and multiple cutting


  • specially designed cutting geometry
  • variable tooth pitch
  • carbide cutting materials and coatings
(D)(S1)(S2)(d)Teeth (T)Pin holes
285,002,001,7532,00 174v 4/9/50
285,002,001,7540,00 174v 4/12/64
315,002,502,2532,00 132v 4/9/50
315,002,502,2540,00 132v 4/12/64
315,002,502,2532,00 168v 4/12/64
315,002,502,2540,00 168v 4/12/64 2/8/55
350,002,502,2540,00 168v 4/12/64 2/8/55
350,002,502,2540,00 192v 4/12/64 2/8/55
350,002,702,5050,00 168v 4/16/80
350,002,702,5050,00 192v 4/16/80
400,002,702,5040,00 192v 4/12/64 2/8/55
400,002,702,5050,00 192v 4/16/80

  • Case-hardening steels, spring steels and ball-bearing steels
  • Nitrided steel, high-speed steel and tool steel
  • Construction, deep-drawn and machining steels
  • Carbon steels, and quenched and tempered steels
  • Aluminium / aluminium alloys
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Rust-proof and acid-resistant steels

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