From pilot project to framework contract:

Steel tube manufacturer  opts for WIKUS Precision circular saw blades for the cutting of high-quality pipes

Especially in the automotive sector, manufacturers and suppliers are forced to continuously optimize efficiency and productivity. The tools used must meet high quality requirements and ever shorter innovation cycles, while at the same time the cost framework is very tight.

Challenges & requirements

Especially in the field of development and production of seamless and welded precision steel pipes, the sawing tools used have to meet the highest requirements in terms of quality and cutting results. BENTELER therefore sets high minimum standards for suppliers in order to be able to ensure its specifications in production. These include technological leadership in the relevant sectors, adherence to the zero-defect principle, extensive experience in the automotive and/or steel industry, compliance with environmental standards, and certification according to DIN ISO 9001.

From experts by experts

WIKUS, as the market leader in band saw blades, also stands for precision and technology leadership and is known for its innovative and high-quality products.
BENTELER had already successfully used WIKUS band saw blades in the past and consequently, after successful internal tests, WIKUS was able to win BENTELER for field tests in order to be able to confirm the excellent performance of the newly developed precision circular saw blades as well.

From pilot project to cooperative partnership

The two precision circular saw blades KREOS® 350 Z168v as well as KREOS® 350 Z144v were selected for the tests as they ideally fit the customer’s existing requirements in the field of tube cutting.

In order to make the project a success, intensive consultations were also held by WIKUS as well as training courses on the use of the product directly on site. Continuous support and optimization by WIKUS was ensured through regular exchange meetings.

The technological advantages of KREOS®

KREOS®: The high-performance circular saw blade with variable tooth pitch for steel pipes and profiles
KREOS®: The high-performance circular saw blade with variable tooth pitch for steel pipes and profiles

The high-tech circular saw blade is ideal for mass cutting and features high wear resistance due to its hard coating. Its innovative tooth geometry and the unique WIKUS joint technology further distinguish it and ensure:

  • High cutting performance
  • Less frequent blade changes and significant increase of blade-life
  • Reduced costs per cut
  • Increased productivity

Automation in tool procurement

An additional incentive for BENTELER was that the actual cutting rate of the circular saw blades (cost-per-cut) was calculated and not the number of products actually used. WIKUS had no hesitation in proposing this model based on the successful tests.

While the evaluation and calculation of the actual cutting rates initially involved a great deal of manual effort, BENTELER has been able to optimize it more and more over the course of the last few months with the support of WIKUS.
In the meantime, they’ve done this so successfully that BENTELER does not exclude this model for other suppliers.

In addition, WIKUS offers with WIstockIT® the possibility to provide a fully automated purchasing process also in the area of PKSB.

Decision for WIKUS as supplier of Precision circular saw blades

Due to the excellent performance of the KREOS® circular saw blade, BENTELER has decided to continue to rely on WIKUS following the successful pilot project:

In addition to the established competitors, the WIKUS KREOS® has been considered for the award with a significant tool share.

The reasons were primarily:

  • Convincing technical properties with regard to blade-life, straightness of the cut as well as adherence to tight tolerances with regard to subsequent work steps
  • Reliable supply chain of a tool “Made in Germany”
  • Comprehensive technical support and assistance
  • Possibility of fully automated tool management

The cooperation with WIKUS was very successful.

Not only was the product able to convince us with its technical features, but we were also able to initiate automation in the procurement and evaluation process with WIKUS, which we would like to expand to other areas in the future.

WIKUS supporting service

Comprehensive technical advice and product selection
Setting the cutting parameters
Cutting tests and performance tests
Training for the introduction of the new circular saw blades

Any more questions?

The experts of our Technical Competence Center are happy to help you answer further technical questions connected to band selection and use.

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