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the surface of the cutting material for breaking in if the workpiece dimensions are larger, a time of approx, 15 min is recommended for the break-in after breaking-in, increase the cutting speed (m/min) [...] suitable for a wide range of applications. What is the role of band saw blade break-in in the application? Correct breaking-in of band saw blades before they are used for the first time has a major influence [...] influence on the service life and/or improves the life span of the band saw blade. Break-in information How do I determine the grain size of diamond-studded band saw blades? The use of diamond-studded band

WIKUS Online Service Solutions
WIKUS Online Service Solutions

contains a number of support services connected to the sawing process , for instance breaking-in information, information about extending the blade life and causes of failure, as well as videos with valuable [...] or tel. +49 (5663) 500 240 – Extensive information and online support Our corporate website not only contains information about WIKUS and our products, but we also help you with the [...] of the sawing process Application training for machine operators Product training Background information and added value arguments especially for dealers We would be happy to advise you in order to find

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