Blade Selection

Blade Selection Parameters

Various factors need to be taken into account when selecting the matching saw band:

  • Band saw blades that are being used
  • The material that is to be processed
  • Dimension and form of the workpiece
  • Single, layer or bundle cutting 

The saw band parameters result from these factors:

The following always applies: the greater the band width, the higher the stability of the band saw blade.

  • Horizontal machines:
    Observe the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Vertical machines:
    Larger variations of the band with are possible; see manufacturer’s information about
  • Contour sawing:
    the smallest radius that needs to be sawn determines the band width

The following always applies: The band thickness lends the saw band more stability and influences the torsion resistance.

  • Depending on the band saw blades used, the band thickness may vary even when the band width is the same
    (54 x 1.60 / 54 x 1.30 and 54 x 1.10 mm)
  • The band thickness has an impact on the straightness of the cut

The relevant variable for selecting the tooth pitch is the contact length of the band saw blades in the workpiece, and the material that is to be sawn. WIKUS supplies products with both constant and also variable tooth pitches.

Tooth pitches


Constant Tooth Pitches

Constant Tooth Pitches

Contact length (mm)

24 6
18 10
14 15

Variable Tooth Pitches

Variable Tooth PitchesContact length (mm)
12 - 16 20
10 - 14 20
8 - 121030
6 - 102050
5 - 83060
4 - 65090
3 - 480150
2,5 - 3,490200
2 - 3120300
1,8 - 2,5200340
1,7 - 2200300
1,4 - 2250400
1,4 - 1,8340530
1,2 - 1,6350600
1,0 - 1,45401000
0,85 - 1,156002000
0,75 - 1,256002000
0,7 - 1,010003000

The tooth shape selection depends on the material that is being machined.
WIKUS provides the following tooth forms:

  • S = Standard tooth
  • P = Profiled tooth
  • K = Hook tooth
  • T = Trapezoid tooth
  • TSN = Trapezoid tooth with a negative cutting angle
  • L = Spacing tooth

Tooth shapes


The setting is responsible for the procedure-specific free-cutting.

Possible types include:

  • Special setting
  • Group setting
  • Wavy setting

In the case of materials with a high residual stress, special models with an extra-wide setting are necessary to prevent jamming in the cutting channel. 

Tooth sets


Decisive for the selection of the cutting material is the machinability of the material to be separated.

The WIKUS-Poductportfolio consist of four main groups of cutting material:

  • HSS (Bimetal)
  • Carbide
  • Diamond Coated
  • Cubic boron nitride (CBN)
  • Carbon Steel

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