Production of a Bimetal Band Saw Blade

The Production of a Bimetal Band Saw Blade

The focus of the production process at WIKUS lies on absolute precision and the excellent quality of the raw materials used to ensure highly-efficient sawing processes at the customers’ companies. 

The production process of the bimetal band saw blade comprises the following steps:

The special WIKUS tooth geometry is transferred to the band by means of a milling tool that was specially designed for WIKUS. This creates a clearly defined tooth pitch (number of teeth per inch and tooth shape).

Tooth Pitch

  • Setting refers to the angle of the teeth to the body of the band
  • After the setting process, the teeth protrude alternately left and right over the level of the body of the band and ensure that the band saw blade cuts freely to prevent jamming in the cutting channel

Tooth Setting

The heat treatment process specially developed by WIKUS includes a hardening process and several sequential tempering processes. This lends the carrier band its high level of flexibility and the cutting edge the necessary hardness and wear resistance.

The process serves

  • to deburr the base of the tooth to prevent rated break points after mechanical processing
  • surface compaction to improve the continuous operation properties
  • a high-quality surface for the band saw blade.

In this work step the straightness and evenness of the band saw blade is optimised as required.

  • Applying various hard coatings to increase the service life and possibly reducing cutting times and noise emissions 
  • Additional coating of the blade back edge for friction reduction

Order-specific manufacturing and welding of the band saw blades including a thorough final inspection

  • Stamping the band saw blades
  • Attaching the tooth protection element
  • Folding in a round or pretzel form
  • Global shipping

  • Round-the-clock, continuous monitoring of production by the internal materials testing lab
  • Metallographic and geometric examination of the material at the end of the production processes
  • Inspection of the supplied input materials from our certified suppliers

Any more questions?

The experts of our Technical Competence Center are happy to help you answer further technical questions connected to band selection and use.

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