Production of a Carbide Band Saw Blade

The Production of a Carbide Band Saw Blade

The WIKUS production process focuses on absolute precision for the basis for straight cuts, a clean cutting surface and a maximum blade-life. Highly qualified employees take great care in each work step to ensure that the high-quality raw materials are used to create products that are 100% Made in Germany in the reputed WIKUS quality. This allows the best possible sawing results for our customers. 

The following production steps are necessary to manufacture the reputed WIKUS quality:

The special WIKUS tooth geometry is transferred to the band by means of a milling tool that was specially designed for WIKUS. This creates a clearly defined tooth pitch (number of teeth per inch and tooth shape)

Tooth pitch

The special heat treatment process includes a hardening process and several sequential tempering processes. This lends the carrier band its high level of flexibility and the necessary hardness.

  • Deburring the base of the tooth to prevent rated break points after mechanical processing
  • Removing layers of scale
  • Surface compaction to improve the continuous operation properties 

If necessary, the straightness and evenness of the band saw blade is optimised.

  • Carbide segments are welded onto the carrier band in a resistance welding process
  • Then the coated bands are given application-specific tooth geometries that are generated by computer-controlled sanding machines (CNS) in several steps.

  • Usually, the carbide band saw blades achieve the necessary free cutting property thanks to the sanded trapezoid tooth form. However, some carbide band saw blade qualities require settings similar to bimetal bands
  • The setting process allows the band to cut freely and prevent jamming in the cutting channel

  • If necessary, apply various hard coatings to increase the service life and reduce cutting times and noise emissions  
  • Depending on the application, different coats are applied to teeth and the backing of the band

Order-specific manufacturing and welding of the band saw blades including a thorough final inspection

  • Stamping the band saw blades
  • Attaching the tooth protection element
  • Folding in a round or pretzel form
  • Global shipping

  • Round-the-clock, continuous monitoring of production by the internal materials testing lab
  • Metallographic and geometric examination of the material at the end of the production processes
  • Inspection of the supplied input materials from our certified suppliers

Any more questions?

The experts of our Technical Competence Center are happy to help you answer further technical questions connected to band selection and use.

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