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In 2018, Europe's biggest saw blade manufacturer WIKUS established the WIkademy®, its own further training center, right in the middle of the company's innovative production facilities at Spangenberg in Hessen. From beginners to experts the academy offers training courses and shares its knowledge on WIKUS products and sawing applications to suit all levels of expertise. The seminars and webinars contain all different areas of use and field application of sawing processes as well as the latest industry trends in the sawing sector.

Our trainers

Our excellent lecturers play a vital role in your further training. On the one hand, all of our trainers have completed a TÜV certified trainer licence, on the other, they convince with decades of experience in the area of band sawing. In expert lectures, discussion rounds and workshops, they give practice oriented tips and identify solutions and dealing options with regard to any questions you may have.

What satisfied participants say about to the WIkademy®

Well-trained sawing specialists are required all over the world. Whether the steel manufacturing industry or trade, forging companies, tool and machine engineering, the automotive industry, the aerospace industry, the energy sector, the wide-ranging construction industry and many more sectors require highly educated sawing specialists.

Our training experts continuously refine our seminar program in order to be able to respond customized to market trends and changes at all times.

Didn´t expect to get that much

Great Seminar with additional important tips, facts and arguments even for experienced sawing specialists. The best thing for me was to gain the ability to calculate cutting parameters by taking into account the material composition and the workpiece cross-section. Every question was answered very clearly.

Practice related seminar

All topics were covered in perfection and it was a good opportunity to share experiences, to observe the technology of production and to understand better the band sawing while training.

Substantial Cutting Parameter creation

The best for me were the deep calculations of chip thicknesses and the transfer into real cutting parameters.

Insights into the production

A program point during the seminar was the inspection of the 48.000 m2 large, very modern production - very impressive, also the quality and performance level of today's carbide band saw blades.

Extensive and sustainable training

It was one of the best training I have ever had!
Because I received application tips that I could put right into practice.

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