Your Added Value

Your benefits with WIKUS

There are a number of ways that WIKUS can help you face competitive pressure, regardless of industry, and optimise your individual sawing processes.

When you use our products and services, you profit in particular from:

  • A significant reduction of cutting costs
  • A significant increase in productivity
  • The use of innovative products that were especially developed for the requirements of the different industries and
  • the constantly high quality of the tools to maintain process security

Satisfied customers about WIKUS

Our high-quality technological tools are used across the world. WIKUS endeavours to cultivate long-term customer relations, which is why we are available to you as a full-service partner with a comprehensive range of products, know-how and first-class support expertise when optimising sawing processes.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their trust, be it small, medium-sized companies through to global groups that we help to implement their machining processes successfully.

Powerful tools

Highly flexible and versatile for materials and cross sections in use. As the main supplier, WIKUS has made a main impact in helping a French cutting expert to grow more than 50% over the last 5 to 8 years.

Best-in-Class quality band saw blades

We consider WIKUS as a very strong partner, that is always available and helped us competently to strongly increase our profitability.

Any more questions?

The experts of our Technical Competence Center are happy to help you answer further technical questions connected to band selection and use.

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