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performance tests Training for the introduction of the new band saw blades Product range used Carbide band saw blades: ECODUR® The low-cost band saw blade for non-ferrous foundries FUTURA® SN The specialist [...] the new band saw blades, FES employees stated that they noticed clear advantages of the WIKUS solutions compared with the previous band saw blades regardless of the cutting tool used. The saw products [...] products tested – from the PRIMAR ® M42 bimetal band saw blade to the FUTURA ® SN carbide band saw blades for hardened materials to the inexpensive yet powerful ECODUR® for aluminum and non-ferrous metals – all

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Unit 1: Theoretical specialist training From strip steel to saw tooth The manufacturing steps of the band saw blade Basics of the band saw blade A brief explanation about tooth shape, tooth pitch and [...] influences into the sawing proces Machining basics machining process knowledge to choose the most suitable saw blade Proper handling of saw blades Handling & safety Choose the right band saw blade Expert know-how [...] WIkademy® Saw blade specialist dealer Training course contents 3 days are all it takes to become a band saw expert. This further training is special developed for purchasing agents, product managers and

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an efficient production process. Digital solutions in sawing technology - automation of sawing processes and tool management tools, digital band saw blade selection, optimization of cutting parameters, [...] WIKUS Bandselektor WIKUS offers the right product for every application. Find the band saw blade you need for your sawing task in just a few simple steps Order Online Dedicated product portfolio, continuously [...] WIKUS Whitepaper Strategies for more efficiency in the sawing process Digital tools and service solutions An efficient sawing process can become a success factor for manufacturing companies: Increasing

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Precision Circular Saw Blades Precision Circular Saw Blades For cutting of tubes and profiles WIKUS develops and manufactures high-tech precision circular saw blades in the innovative WIKUS manufacturing [...] Technical Competence Center are happy to help you answer further technical questions connected to band selection and use. Contact us

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Aluenge Indústria e Comércio de Alumínio

production line. Carbide band saw blades are used to process aluminium blocks on the horizontal band saw blade machine; in contrast, aluminium rods are used with bimetal band saw blades on the vertical machine [...] efficiency in sawing operations. The versatile band saw blades made of bimetal or carbide, that do not need to be replaced as often, play an important role here. For example, the bimetal band saw blades, such [...] measures, a made-to-measure sawing package was developed for Aluenge that makes today’s sawing process economic. A comparison of band saw blades We have tested almost every band saw blade available on the market

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