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Production of a Bimetal Band Saw Blade

Production of a Bimetal Band Saw Blade The Production of a Bimetal Band Saw Blade The focus of the production process at WIKUS lies on absolute precision and the excellent quality of the raw materials [...] materials used to ensure highly-efficient sawing processes at the customers’ companies. The production process of the bimetal band saw blade comprises the following steps: 1. Milling The special WIKUS tooth geometry [...] the teeth to the body of the band After the setting process, the teeth protrude alternately left and right over the level of the body of the band and ensure that the band saw blade cuts freely to prevent

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Bimetal Band Saw Blades

common bimetal sawing applications at levels 1 + 2 The range of band saw blades has been simplified; now you only need MARATHON ® M42, PROFLEX ® M42 and PRIMAR ® M42 for the majority of sawing applications [...] applications in the bimetal sector. Band saw blades for special applications to top it all off For difficult-to-cut materials or highest cutting performance, WIKUS additionally offers band saw blades with different [...] future. MARATHON® M42 – the All-Rounder Level 2 The bimetal band saw blade for service-focused customers has been optimized for more complex sawing processes, for example in industrial applications in

Product Groups
Bimetal Band Saw Blades

Bimetal Band Saw Blades Bimetal Band Saw Blades The optimum product portfolio for standard and special applications Cutting Material M42 The blade backing material is made of alloyed steel that offers [...] . Find the band saw blade you need for your sawing tasks in just a few simple steps. Start Blade Selector New Upgrade for the WIKUS Bimetal Product Portfolio WIKUS has optimized its bimetal product portfolio [...] machine and special alloys Band Saw Blades with Cutting Material M42 Metric Imperial MARATHON ® M42 Product level 2 Hook tooth Solid materials Band width 13 x 0.65 - 80 x 1.6mm Band width 1/2 x 0.025 - 3-1/8

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Band Saw Blades

innovative prowess. Bimetal Band Saw Blades Optimum product portfolio for standard and special applications. Carbide Band Saw Blades To increase cutting output and productivity. Coated Band Saw Blades For special [...] Band Saw Blades Innovative High-Performance Band Saw Blades for Almost All Applications WIKUS stands for precision, quality and very high performance. Since 1958, we have been guaranteeing the highest-possible [...] special applications Discontinuation of Carbon Steel Band Saw Blades Please note that we will discontinue the production of carbon steel band saw blades as of March 1st, 2021 and therefore orders are no

Production of a Carbide Band Saw Blade

sanded trapezoid tooth form. However, some carbide band saw blade qualities require settings similar to bimetal bands The setting process allows the band to cut freely and prevent jamming in the cutting [...] teeth and the backing of the band 8. Welding & Folding Order-specific manufacturing and welding of the band saw blades including a thorough final inspection Stamping the band saw blades Attaching the tooth [...] Production of a Carbide Band Saw Blade The Production of a Carbide Band Saw Blade The WIKUS production process focuses on absolute precision for the basis for straight cuts, a clean cutting surface and

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