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high-performance entry-level band saw blade TAURUS ® as well as the two versatile bimetal band saw blades PRIMAR ® M42 and MARATHON ® M42 . Image 4: A stator made of aluminum, copper, resins and composites (⌀ 400 [...] with the band saw blade technology were carried out. In addition to products such as FUTURA ® 718, PRIMAR ® M42, or MARATHON ® M42, we benefit from excellent support. A practical example: When we had to [...] used: Carbide band saw blades: MARATHON® M42 The all-rounder for medium and large cross-sections PRIMAR® M42 The versatile option in Level-1 for small and medium-sized workpieces Download PDF Reference

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previous band saw blades regardless of the cutting tool used. The saw products tested – from the PRIMAR ® M42 bimetal band saw blade to the FUTURA ® SN carbide band saw blades for hardened materials to [...] FUTURA® SN The specialist for „hard shell and soft core“ Product range used Bimetal band saw blades: PRIMAR® M42 The versatile option in Level-1 for small and medium-sized workpieces Any more questions? The


process innovation. 2019 Innovative strength WIKUS presents two product innovations: the all-rounder PRIMAR ® and the CBN-coated band saw blade CUBOGRIT ® . With a new website, WIKUS is taking further steps

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materials Band width 34 x 1.1 - 67 x 1.6mm Band width 1-3/8 x 0.042 - 2-5/8 x 0.063 Inch To the product PRIMAR ® M42 Product level 1 Standard or hook tooth Profiles + Solid materials Band width 6 x 0.65 - 67

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