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Thin-layer technology

steel 42 CrMo4 with a diameter of 380 mm was cut with the band saw blade ARION ® FG at a band saw blade speed of 300 m/min and a feed speed of 150 mm/min in just 2.5 minutes – with a further improved cutting [...] combination of a band saw blade from WIKUS-Sägenfabrik and a respective machine from MEBA Metall-Bandsägemaschinen enables the steel trader Günther + Schramm to cut tempering steel with a diameter of 200 [...] combination with the band saw blade ARION ® FG thanks to its carbide blade with a highly wear-resistant carbide coating. The special WIKUS thin-cutting technology with excellent blade stability also ensures


one of Germany’s companies with a future Spangenberg, 09.17.2021: WIKUS was awarded 4 out of 5 possible stars by the news magazine stern as one of “Germany's companies with a future”. This makes WIKUS one [...] one of the best. In addition to WIKUS, 156 other companies participated in a study initiated by stern and HR marketing experts from Territory Embrace. The study examined how digitally positioned companies [...] companies are. The focus was on the areas of “strategy and position”, “processes and products”, and “innovation and qualification”. The study was overseen by Prof. Dr. lrene Bertschek, head of the “Digital Economy”

New benchmarks at INTEC 2019

especially for production processes. 05. June 2018 WIKUS launches innovative bimetal products With the introduction of a new, highly modern process design for the production of some bimetal products, the tec [...] The new bimetal band saw blade provides the user with numerous advantages such as longer service life and a wide range of application possibilities: It can not only be utilised in industrial sawing applications [...] tried and tested WIKUS bimetal bandsaw blades and can additionally increase the productivity of the customer's sawing processes. The glossy, smooth band surface area protect the band guides of the machine

Primar M42
The High-Performer for Large Cross-Sections

is occasionally not the optimal one. New band saw blade saves time and tool costs With the SKALAR®, WIKUS-Sägenfabrik developed a high-performance band saw blade for highest demands which convinces with [...] important role especially for production processes. 31. January 2019 New benchmarks at INTEC 2019 WIKUS saw factory will present its new PRIMAR® M42 bimetal band saw blade to the public for the first time [...] increases productivity The bimetal blade SKALAR® combines the positive characteristics of both tooth shapes – HV and VA – without implying a homogeneous selection of the materials to be cut. This allows a universal

PRIMAR® M42 awarded as TOP band saw blade of the year by MM MaschinenMarkt

September 2019 WIKUS presents a new band saw blade innovation: WIKUS-Sägenfabrik is expanding its product portfolio to CUBOGRIT® band saw blades. 25. September 2019 Why band saw blades fail: The most common causes [...] has awarded the Top 15 products in the field of cutting technology. WIKUS’ bimetal band saw blade PRIMAR ® M42 has won the 4th place and is therefore the best placed band saw blade. Due to its variable tooth [...] Back WIKUS bimetal band saw blade PRIMAR® M42: The versatile option in Level-1 for small and medium-sized workpieces PRIMAR® M42 awarded as TOP band saw blade of the year by MM MaschinenMarkt Spangenb

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