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Diamond-coated band saw blades

ted band saw blades are primarily used in transportation such as aerospace, energy and recycling as well as construction and steel making. Advantages of diamond band saw blades Diamond-coated band saw [...] companies use diamond-coated band saw blades to make electrode blanks from graphite. Technically speaking, it is basically correct to describe the use of diamond-coated band saw blades as a cut-off grinding process [...] downtime. Accordingly, the bands need to be changed less. In case of sporadic use, the saw bands can remain clamped on the sawing machine. Different diamond band saw blades for different material dimensions

WIKUS Website launch

right saw bands to help them work more efficiently and with greater performance. WIKUS pursues this mission for its entire range of products and services, from customer service and high-tech saw bands to [...] life of saw bands and reduce costs throughout the tool life cycle and across all industries. Depending on the individual combination of material, cutting data and machine, the appropriate saw bands can be [...] questions. The Band Selector and ParaMaster® digital tools complement the modern, service-oriented concept of the website. While the Band Selector helps the user to select the right saw bands based on the


Back WIKUS-Sägenfabrik is expanding its product portfolio to include cubic boron nitride (CBN) coated CUBOGRIT® band saw blades. WIKUS presents a new band saw blade innovation: CUBOGRIT® enables process-reliable [...] CBN-coated band saw blade technology for the first time in order to economically saw 3D hard alloys and hardened ferrous materials of up to 70 HRC. WIKUS will present the new band saw blades for the first [...] range of high-tech sawing tools and once again demonstrating that we are a major contributor to trends in the sawing industry.” CUBOGRIT® K, the continual CBN-coated band saw blade for small workpiece

The most exciting annual review 2019

universal standard band saw blades. Due to its variable tooth pitch, the band saw blade is suitable for a wide range of smaller and medium workpieces. The trade journal MM Maschinenmarkt bestowed a special honour [...] nominating it as the top band saw blade of the year. The next product highlight will be launched in September: For the first time, CUBOGRIT ® offers users a CBN-studded band saw blade technology, including [...] awarded as TOP band saw blade of the year by MM MaschinenMarkt The magazine has awarded the Top 15 products in the field of cutting technology. 17. September 2019 WIKUS presents a new band saw blade innovation:

Digitale Beschaffung von Sägewerkzeugen

current inventory of band saw blades in the warehouse or consumption statistics. Before automated reordering, the band saw blade must be selected for the first time. WIKUS also offers a digital tool for this [...] technology: Each package with which WIKUS delivers the ordered band saw blades to the customer is RFID tagged, just like the band saw blade itself. This contains information such as item number, number [...] the customer's warehouse or production hall, this information is automatically read during package/saw blade removal using an RFID reader installed in the hall. The reader – a computer with an integrated

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