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The High-Performer for Large Cross-Sections

Back SKALAR® PREMIUM M42 The High-Performer for Large Cross-Sections 20. August 2018 – The bimetal blade SKALAR® of WIKUS increases cutting performance as well as lifetime when cutting large cross-sections [...] ik offers the market a highly efficient solution with the specially developed bimetal blade SKALAR®. SKALAR® - considerable increase of cutting performance and lifetime when cutting different materials [...] availability as well as an increase of productivity and efficiency. SKALAR® X3000® Nearly triplication of blade-life of the new SKALAR® X3000® compared to GIGANT® X3000®. This positive result was also able

WIKUS inline production

look at the other advantages of the products: SKALAR® M42 Sawing tools often reach their limits, especially when cutting large cross-sections. The SKALAR® M42 bimetal band saw blade cuts with considerably [...] Back SKALAR® M42 + SELEKTA® GS M42 with optimized Superfinishing With immediate effect, the two products with widths of 67 mm and 80 mm will be converted to the new inline production. Spangenberg, September [...] September 23 rd , 2022: By switching to the new WIKUS inline production, the two products SKALAR ® M42 and SELEKTA ® GS M42 benefit from an increase in production quality. In addition, the band saw blades

WIKUS inline production

saw blades have now been fully converted to the innovative production process. Many dimensions of SKALAR ® M42 and SELEKTA ® GS M42 have already received the superfinish in the past, and more are planned [...] and protect the machine's strip guides. The products of the new inline production with superfinish: SKALAR® M42 The high-performer for large cross-sections SELEKTA® GS M42 High performance with Superfinishing

Optimised cutting processes

provider. Durable saw bands Based on these tests, Cap Coupes Services selected the products Taurus and Skalar Premium M42 as well as a custom-made product. Taurus is a low-cost carbide saw band for basic ap [...] package. The good surface quality ensures that only a little reworking is necessary. In comparison, Skalar Premium M42 ensures high performance and extra service life. The saw band can be used for all metals

Girls' Day at WIKUS

the sawing industry. 20. August 2018 The High-Performer for Large Cross-Sections The bimetal blade SKALAR® of WIKUS increases cutting performance as well as lifetime when cutting large cross-sections. Press

Melina Rudolph feilt an einem persönlichen Flaschenöffner.

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