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e high-speed steel (HSS) tooth tip and a carrier made of heat-treated alloy steel. What is a carbide band? A carbide band saw blade comprises a sanded carbide tooth tip and a carrier made of heat-treated [...] them on the floor and hold tight to prevent the attachments from springing open abruptly. Video Tech Tips What protective equipment does WIKUS recommend when using a band saw blade? In general, the occupational [...] long-arm coat, safety shoes, goggles and cut protection gloves when using a band saw blade.  Video Tech Tips What factors impact on the service life of a band saw blade in the machining process? The following

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activities in the social networks by regularly posting new content on LinkedIn and product videos and tech tips on YouTube . Innovation in the company culture WIKUS also attaches great importance to further [...] for every specific application to be found quickly, whilst also offering a wide range of practical tips to further enhance efficiency in the company. In November, WIKUS launched WIstore ® as a further

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higher productivity thanks to small variable tooth pitches with carbide tips excellent cutting surface quality thanks to optimal tip geometry less saw blade changes and machine downtimes thanks to a significant [...] all its technological and innovative prowess in this new, completely in Spangenberg developed high-tech circular saw blade  KREOS ® . KREOS ®  sets standards for processing thin-walled pipes and profiles [...] Features innovative tooth geometry for the interrupted cutting channel variable tooth pitch carbide tipped with hard material coating Product Range Any more questions? Our experts in the WIKUS application

WIKUS presents its precision circular saw blades for boosting cutting performance and productivity

tubes and profiles. Due to their variable tooth pitches and the increased blade life, WIKUS carbide tipped precision circular saw blades amplify the productivity up to 50 percent. Saw blade changes and machine [...] are kept to a minimum, reducing the cost per cut. "In Spangenberg, WIKUS develops and produces high-tech circular saw blades with the unique and innovative WIKUS manufacturing technology,” says Klaus Gross

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