The next level of digitalization of ordering processes


Concentrate on your core processes and profit from an automatized, dynamic tool management system as well as continuous and needs-based availability based on RFID technology.
Overviews on a daily basis, e.g. stock levels, order history or consumption analyses, allow absolute transparency.

Learn how automated tool management works with WIstockIT® and how process costs in purchasing and logistics are reduced.

The WIKUS Solution for your Purchasing Challenges

Digitalization of Purchasing Processes

WIstockIT® is a central building block of your digital procurement strategy. You benefit from the WIKUS system solution which can be used autonomously and flexibly.

Cost Reduction and Process Optimization

WIstockIT® provides an automated ordering process, eliminating manual efforts in administration and logistics for repeat orders.

Maximum Delivery Reliability and Tool Availability

WIstockIT® safeguards your production processes by ensuring that you have the right tool at any time – and with the lowest possible capital commitment in your warehouse.

Easy Integration into Existing Storage Facilities

WIstockIT® consists of a few components that can be easily integrated into your existing infrastructure and storage facilities.

Digital Stock and Consumption Analyzes

The WIstockIT®-portal provides customers with a daily updated overview of stock levels, order history, or consumption analyzes.

WIstockIT® from WIKUS provides purchasers and logisticians with a tool for automating the ordering processes for sawing tools.

Advantages at a Glance

  • Maximum Tool Availability
    thanks to automatized, dynamic reordering
  • Optimal Security
    for delivery and supply combined with reduced stock levels and minimum capital tie-up
  • Reduces Process Costs
    in Purchasing & Logistics thanks to a digital service solution with no manual input
  • Simple Integration
    into existing production facilities and warehouse sites without extensive modification of the existing processes
  • Maximum Transparency
    by consumption and stock analysis via the WIstockIT®-portal

Your added value: Massive Reduction of Costs and Resources

Automated Process

1. Incoming Goods at the Customer:

Each WIKUS package is equipped with an RFID tag that contains all item information of the delivery.
The new WIstockIT® stock level is calculated automatically and transferred to WIKUS.

2. Band Removal:

There is also an RFID tag with the item-specific date on each separate band saw blade. Every band removal is transferred to WIKUS and the stock level in the system is reduced automatically.

3. Automatized Reordering:

If the agreed threshold quantity of an item is undercut, a reorder is triggered automatically at WIKUS.

4. Delivery to the Customer:

After the order is received, the goods are directly produced and delivered according to the customer requirements.
The shipment is given the necessary RFID tags again for recording in the incoming goods process and to ensure the automatized reordering process.


Easy Integration into existing Processes with little Effort

Only a few components are required for the use of WIstockIT®. Users only need an RFID reader and the associated RFID antenna.

In order to be able to transfer the collected data to WIKUS, an RFID reader is used. This device is a simple calculator with an integrated display which is connected to the RFID antenna. The RFID antenna is integrated into a passable IP68-certified indoor and outdoor rubber mat. The mat can be integrated into your existing production facilities without much effort due to its small footprint.


WIstockIT® can be easily integrated into existing storage locations and production sites.
All deliveries and collections are automatically recorded by the WIstockIT® using RFID technology, registered, and forwarded to WIKUS.

All Information at a Glance

As a WIstockIT® customer, you will be given your own access to the WIstockIT®-portal. Here you will have the opportunity to analyze all relevant data about your warehouse managemen. This ensures maximum transparency of stock movements and means no additional software is required to monitor and analyze stock levels.

You can display the consumption per month or even the stock for your individual evaluation period.

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