Saw blade specialist dealer

Training course contents

3 days are all it takes to become a band saw expert. This further training is special developed for purchasing agents, product managers and co-worker indoor service & field work. Ideally you have some basic skills of the seminar topics.

maximum group of 10-12 particpants

  • From strip steel to saw tooth
    The manufacturing steps of the band saw blade
  • Basics of the band saw blade 
    A brief explanation about tooth shape, tooth pitch and tooth setting
  • Material science
    Analyses of materials and influences into the sawing proces
  • Machining basics
    machining process knowledge to choose the most suitable saw blade
  • Proper handling of saw blades
    Handling & safety
  • Choose the right band saw blade
    Expert know-how regarding the WIKUS product range
  • Parameter settings
    Optimal cutting parameters for real-life application
  • Proper run-in of saw blade
    Guidelines, influencing factors and obvious mistakes

  • From theorie to practice
    requirments to saw blade and machine (incl. cutting tests in the WIKUS sawing center)
  • Influencing factors for the successful cutting process
    The importance of machine condition, cooling lubricant and chip brush-function
  • Troubleshooting in the sawing process
    Factors that influence the blade life, sources of errors and solutions
  • Excursion to the worlds largest and most modern production facility for carbide-studded band saw blades
    Visit our 48.000m² production facility

How you benefit from further training

We accomplish our trainings by a mix of teaching methods, webinars & attendance seminars. Once the training was completed all technical documents will be at disposal for our participants. The teachers as well will be available still for questions.

You will gain comprehensive WIKUS expert know-how

In webinars and attendance seminars we talk about the topics of the future.

You will become a problem solver for your customers

Achieve your customers goals with your funded recommendations.

You will increase your business's sales and margins

All it takes is know-how – your newly gained knowledge will increase your customers satisfaction and strengthen your distribution relationship.

Benefit from the expert knowledge of our trainer

A combination between the accurate tool and the optimal application know-how significantly effects the sawing process and its cutting results. Our seminars contain a great deal of optimizing skills to decrease costs per cut but increase efficency and productivity.

If you still have questions contact us

Frank Gresens, Head of Technical Competence Centre & WIkademy®


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