Our further training approach

Ensuing our philosophy the greatest success of our trainings emerge if all participants know-how bases on the same level. Accordingly we offer web-based seminars for our course content in advance.

Unique training concept

Only a combination of selecting a saw blade that is best for the respective application, a well-maintained machine and the appropriate practical usage will lead you to lower cost per cut. You and your staff can develop this expertise at the WIkadamy® seminars. We also will address a number of other future topics like high speed thin kerf cutting technology.

Webinars & attandance teaching

Better skills due to methodical teaching and networking on-site.

Certificate & seminar documents

Achieve well-established know-how and seminar documents as well as a graduate certificate.

Individual support

Talk and network to practical experts of the sawing industry.

Our seminar rooms for communication, inspiration and knowledge transfer

The WIkademy® created a modern and enjoyable venue for its seminars and trainees to make sure each attandee - whether beginner or expert - will learn most of product & application knowledge during the course.

If you still have questions contact us

Frank Gresens, Head of Technical Competence Centre & WIkademy®


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