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Company WIKUS-Band Saw Blades Precision at the interface The name WIKUS has a global reputation for values such as maximum precision, quality and performance in the field of band saw blades. These are [...] and is Europe’s largest band saw blade manufacturer. Together with its 750-strong workforce, WIKUS sets technological trends and promotes the development of high-tech band saw blades. Users from a number [...] sectors rely on the long-standing experience and expertise of the band saw blade manufacturer. Customers profit from the extensive band saw blade solutions, whose ‘Made in Germany’ production quality is certified

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every band saw. Product Classification Performance classes and special blades Level 1 Standard band saw blades, universal   Level 2 Band saw blades with a high output Level 3 High-tech band saw blades [...] interplay determine what results you will achieve with sawing. To make it easier for you to select the right products, WIKUS groups its band saw blades into three performance classes, Level 1, Level 2 [...] path to a solution WIKUS offers the right product for every application. Find the band saw blade you need for your sawing tasks in just a few simple steps. Start Blade Selector That could be also be interesting:

The most exciting annual review 2019

2019 WIKUS presents a new band saw blade innovation: WIKUS-Sägenfabrik is expanding its product portfolio to CUBOGRIT® band saw blades. 10. September 2019 Diamond-coated band saw blades: When nothing else [...] price-performance ratio in the Level 1 segment of the universal standard band saw blades. Due to its variable tooth pitch, the band saw blade is suitable for a wide range of smaller and medium workpieces. [...] nominating it as the top band saw blade of the year.  The next product highlight will be launched in September: For the first time, CUBOGRIT ® offers users a CBN-studded band saw blade technology, including

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Cause of Failures

Dulling of the band Change the band Band guides do not stop the band precisely in the cutting direction, the guide is slanted Check the guide The side guides are too loose Set the mechanical band guides to [...] machine impellers Check and correct, if necessary Guide elements (band edge/band backing) are worn Check and replace, if necessary Band saw blade runs too deeply within the guides Steps must be taken to guarantee [...] teeth and 1-2 mm of the gullet protrude from the band guides. Band tension is too high Check with the WIKUS band tension measuring device. Reduce the band tension, if necessary. Recommended: 250 - 300 N/mm²

Blade-Life Influences

Factors that Influence the Blade-Life Factors that influence the blade-life of a band saw blade Prolonging the life of a band saw blade can lead to enormous savings potential for a company because it means [...] to remedy these. Wear, broken teeth, broken welds and bands. Tech-Tips Our Tech Tips teach you everything you need to know about using WIKUS band saw blades step-by-step. At regular intervals we also create [...] cooling lubrication Blade-life influences at a glance Application conditions Correct breaking-in of saw bands before first-time use has a significant impact on the blade-life! Starting with the first-time use

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