The segment focuses on the production of individual goods, small series or systems comprised of several machines in the plant construction field. It is strongly influenced by the medium-sized business segment and has a high degree of vertical integration. The sector relies on a wide range of materials made of e.g. steel, Al, Ni, and Ti-alloys, other non-ferrous metals and plastics and lots more.

Challenges of this economic sector are:

  • Some specific customer requirements / special machine construction
  • The need for flexible modularisation based on a modular principle
  • Flexibility in production control
  • The necessity for efficiency in production
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements

Flexible application areas

WIKUS tools not only allow flexibility with respect to the application range, and therefore high blade-lives also in mixed mode, but also highly precise cutting results to reduce rework.

Machine & plant engineering

Machine and plant engineering

Machine and plant engineering

Machine and plant engineering is the largest sector within the metal and electrical industry. It comprises engines and drive technology, agriculture, textile, construction and construction machine engineering.

Innovation and cost pressures are high in this segment, so that the flexible use of material and avoidance of imprecision/differences are important factors. At the same time, short throughput times and resource-saving production are key elements.

Thanks to highly precise production on state-of-the-art production plant, WIKUS supplies tools for highly complex sawing tasks and to achieve cost and productivity benefits.

  • Machine elements
  • Measurement and control equipment
  • Drive technology
  • Production technology
  • Engines and machines
  • Conveyor technology
  • Automotive engineering
  • Process engineering
  • Energy technology
  • Production technology
  • Electro-technology

Tool & mould making

Tool and mould making

Tool and mould making

Tools for processing, assembly and control of workpieces are produced in the tool and moulding-making sector for industrial production and craftsmanship. It is usually CNC-controlled machines that supply highly precise products.

Tool-making sector is divided into the following special fields:

  • Forming dies, cold: Punching dies, drawing tool, pressure tools and blowing tools
  • Forming dies, warm: Plastic injection moulding and pressure tools, foundry tools
  • Fixture construction (construction of special, production-specific fixtures, units and apparatus)
  • Gauge construction

Buyers are metal-working, plastic processing or foundry companies and end consumers in various industrial sectors.

Great importance is attached to excellent tool quality in the reworking phase to keep the costs as low as possible and ensure a productivity advantage over the competition.

High service quality, small dimensions and the performance capability of the WIKUS band saw blades open up possibilities to the industry, e.g. high cutting performance, little reworking and a significant increase in productivity.

  • Apparatus construction
  • Components automotive
  • Electro-technology
  • Components aerospace
  • Medical technology
  • Measuring equipment
  • Components packaging industry



Experience in years


Successful customer projects


Application range

Our performance promise

  • A full-range supplier of high-tech tools
    Bimetal, carbide, diamond-studded band saw blades for almost all sawing applications
  • High-performance, cost-efficient sawing tools
    Improved productivity and / or reduction of the costs
  • Reliable high quality of your band saw blades
    Consistently high quality allows planning security
  • Individual tools
    Adjustment until the new development of band saw blades for your application
  • Support competence
    Selection of the optimum band saw blade for your application, cutting tests, cutting costs calculations and analyses with state-of-the-art software tool
  • Process optimisation
    Regular checks by competent technical supervision and, if necessary, optimisation of the recommended solution
  • Training
    Theoretical and practical training on site and/or in the training centre in Spangenberg

Any more questions?

The experts of our Technical Competence Center are happy to help you answer further technical questions connected to band selection and use.

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