Cost reduction

Cost reduction

Our solutions for permanently reducing your production costs are as diverse as your needs. Regardless of whether or not you want to reduce the costs per cut, or if you are seeking a universal band saw blade to reduce band changes or if you require an inexpensive product for simple sawing tasks - we have the right solution for every requirement:

High-performance, universal band saw blades mean

  • fewer band changes thanks to long blade-lives, which therefore saves on material and manpower costs
  • Reduction of the number of orders thanks to the long blade-life and versatility and therefore fewer manpower and logistics costs
  • Machining of various materials thanks to the broad application range of the band saw blades and high flexibility in serial and mixed operating mode; this increases the machine availability and reduces manpower needs because the band needs to be replaced less frequently
Consistently high quality: User from various sectors confide WIKUS for their years of experience in the production of saw blades.
Peak power of WIKUS Hightech-Saw Blades: Cut for cut more productivity, more efficiency, lower costs.

Band saw blades for high standards

  • Excellent cutting performance significantly reduces the cutting times thereby significantly reducing the cycle time
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
    You profit from short-term amortisation of the purchase price
  • High blade-lives reduce tooling, standstill or downtimes to guarantee a higher level of machine availability

Bands with a low procurement price

  • 100 % WIKUS quality, also for simple sawing tasks
  • Suitable for many sawing tasks, and therefore high flexibility
  • For normal workshop tasks that do not require a high cutting performance.

Any more questions?

The experts of our Technical Competence Center are happy to help you answer further technical questions connected to band selection and use.

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