Machine: Factors that influence the blade-life of a band saw blade

The following machines factors make an impact on the blade-life besides breaking-in of a new band saw blade, the blade stability as well as the blade length:

Regular cleaning and maintenance of the machine

  • Every time the band saw blade is replaced
  • Removal of collections of chips near the saw frame and the band guides
  • Check the condition and position of the chip brushes

Condition check of the sawing machine

  • Impellers (bearings, contact surface): Shut down the machine and check the distance between the band saw blade and the collar of the impeller
  • Condition of the guides
  • Band backing guides
  • Guide is too long: Deviation of the band saw blade leads to a cutting sequence, possibly a broken band
  • Side band guides (flat guide and roller guide)
  • Pre-tilt damping rollers

Insert a new band saw blade

  • Place the band saw blade with tooth protection on the impellers and feed into the band guides
  • Tighten the band saw blade and check the band tension - Recommended band tension: 250 - 300 N/mm²
  • Remove the tooth protection and use the band saw blade in idle, set the chip brushes at the same time
  • Break-in a new band saw blade
  • Band stability, band length


Correct band tension is extremely important for the life span of a band saw blade and the precision of the cut. If the band tension is too low, it will lead to a cutting sequence. If the band tension is too high, the band may break


Insertion of a band saw blade

In this video we show you the correct insertion of a band saw blade in a band saw machine.

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