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WIKUS launches innovative bimetal products

again managed to set new standards in the sawing industry. The modifications add a performance advantage to the band saw blade manufacturer’s tried and tested bimetal products with varied areas of application [...] other things. Furthermore, the bands run though the machines more quietly, thus ensuring lower noise emissions when using the saw.    VARIO® M42 – The all-purpose band saw for small cross-sections and profiles [...] M42 / PROFLEX® SW M42 – The perfect band saw blade for profiles SELEKTA® GS M42, also available with hard coating Previous Next VARIO® M42 – The all-purpose band saw for small cross-sections and profiles

PRIMAR® M42 awarded as TOP band saw blade of the year by MM MaschinenMarkt

September 2019 WIKUS presents a new band saw blade innovation: WIKUS-Sägenfabrik is expanding its product portfolio to CUBOGRIT® band saw blades. 25. September 2019 Why band saw blades fail: The most common causes [...] Back WIKUS bimetal band saw blade PRIMAR® M42: The versatile option in Level-1 for small and medium-sized workpieces PRIMAR® M42 awarded as TOP band saw blade of the year by MM MaschinenMarkt Spangenb [...] products in the field of cutting technology. WIKUS’ bimetal band saw blade PRIMAR ® M42 has won the 4th place and is therefore the best placed band saw blade. Due to its variable tooth pitch, PRIMAR ® M42

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innovative prowess. Bimetal Band Saw Blades Optimum product portfolio for standard and special applications. Carbide Band Saw Blades To increase cutting output and productivity. Coated Band Saw Blades For special [...] Band Saw Blades Innovative High-Performance Band Saw Blades for Almost All Applications WIKUS stands for precision, quality and very high performance. Since 1958, we have been guaranteeing the highest-possible [...] applications Carbon Steel Band Saw Blades For basic workshop operations. Blade Selector Your direct path to a solution WIKUS offers the right product for every application. Find the band saw blade you need for

Diamond-coated band saw blades

not mean that diamond saw bands are fundamentally superior to other band saw blades: For example, in construction, case-hardened, tempering and tool steels carbide or bimetallic bands are usually used, which [...] ed band saw blades are primarily used in transportation such as aerospace, energy and recycling as well as construction and steel making.  Advantages of diamond band saw blades Diamond-coated band saw [...] remain clamped on the sawing machine. Different diamond band saw blades for different material dimensions The pad geometry and grain size of diamond band saw blades differ according to the range of potential

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Why saw bands fail: The most common causes

are a natural end of life condition. Prevent band breaks The failure of a band saw blade by band breakage is usually due to mechanical damage of the carrier band during the cutting process. It is important [...] order to prevent another band break. The most common cause of band breakage lies in the area around the band guides. Lateral band guides may be poorly adjustment or worn, rear band guides may be worn. When [...] Back Why band saw blades fail: The most common causes The most common reason for band saw blade failure is end of life due to wear of the cutting teeth, but also unnatural cutting characteristics, poor

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