WIKUS launches innovative bimetal products

Spangenberg, June 2018 –  With the introduction of a new, highly modern process design for the production of some bimetal products, the technological leader WIKUS has once again managed to set new standards in the sawing industry.

The modifications add a performance advantage to the band saw blade manufacturer’s tried and tested bimetal products with varied areas of application.

Optimization of product features
The user benefits from significant cutting cost savings due to a reduced requirement for finishing, an improved cutting behaviour and less blade changes, and can thereby increase the productivity of their sawing processes. 

The new production procedure gives the products a Superfinishing on the cutting edges as well as a high-quality appearance thanks to the shiny, smooth band surface. This protects the machine’s band guides and increases the fatigue strength. The blade-life is increased by the reduced mechanical friction load on the carrier band, which reduces the risk of the band breaking, amongst other things. Furthermore, the bands run though the machines more quietly, thus ensuring lower noise emissions when using the saw. 


VARIO® M42 – The all-purpose band saw for small cross-sections and profiles
This diversely applicable band saw blade is used for thin-walled profiles and small solid materials, metals up to 1000 N/mm² and single, layer and bundle cutting in particular.

The unmistakable features of the VARIO® M42 are its variable tooth pitch and 0° rake angle. Using the new production procedure, the contours of the teeth cutting edges have been optimized so that the band saw blade penetrates more smoothly into the material and the burr formation during the sawing processes can thereby be reduced. Furthermore, the teeth set has been made more precise, necessitating lower post-processing. 

PROFLEX® M42 / PROFLEX® SW M42 – The perfect band saw blade for profiles
PROFLEX® M42 and PROFLEX® SW M42 are used for profiles and girders in metal and steel construction and optimally suitable for cutting with an interrupted cutting channel. The PROFLEX® SW M42 is a special design with an extra wide step set that is also used for profiles and girders with residual stress.

The characteristic profile tooth gives the product maximum stability, along with the extended connection of cutting material and carrier band. The vibration susceptibility of the bands is reduced due to the special tooth shape and, therefore, higher resistance against broken teeth is achieved. Furthermore, the superfinishing on the cutting edge and chip space leads to increased performance, reduced burr formation and improved cutting surfaces. 

SELEKTA® GS M42, also available with hard coating
Another innovation is the SELEKTA® GS PREMIUM M42, which is used for the cutting of solid materials and metals up to 1400 N/mm² tensile strength.

The special coating of the patented performance and surface teeth as well as of the back edge enhances the wear resistance, which significantly increases the blade-life of the band saw blade.

Thanks to the special product features, highest cutting performances are possible. In addition, very smooth cutting surfaces and a more precise initial cutting behaviour can be achieved, which significantly reduce the requirement for post-processing.

The product also convinces under very high cutting speeds thanks to vibration-resistant and quiet running.

QR Code enables optimal machine settings

Each product which is manufactured via the new production procedure features a printed label around the band, including a QR code that further simplifies the use of ParaMaster®, the online cutting data program provided by WIKUS.

The user can scan the QR code directly from the ParaMaster® app and automatically receives the necessary data on the band saw blade in the app. The machines can be optimally configured for each respective application and cutting results can thereby be improved.

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