Steel Market

Status Quo: Steel Crisis & Surcharge

Companies, manufacturers and suppliers continue to be affected by the tight situation on the steel market. The demand for raw materials remains very high, but only limited capacities are available for steel production.

+++ Reduction in Surcharge +++

Even if it is not yet possible to speak of a real relaxation on the raw materials market, the slightly falling sideways trend is initially continuing after checking the current hot strip prices. As agreed, we would like you to participate in this development and are pleased that after the agreed quarterly review of the current steel prices, we will be able to significantly reduce the cost-of-living surcharge as of February 1st, 2022.
You, as our customers will promptly receive a letter in which we will give you the exact conditions.

Current price development and trend

After the cost of hot-rolled steel had almost tripled since January 2020, a look at the current price development shows a sideways movement trend.

Source: Stahl Monitor | status: 18.01.2021

WIKUS continuously supports you to maintain your productivity.The material supply for WIKUS and our customers is still secured.

Next steps

We will continue to communicate transparently. In this context, we will keep you updated with regular information, review steel prices and make appropriate changes. You will receive the next update in approximately 12 weeks.

Please feel free to reach out to your personal sales contact to clarify any open questions.

Any more questions?

We are happy to answer your questions, feel free to contact us!

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