WIKUS-Sägenfabrik deliberately takes new paths to remain sustainable and future-oriented. This is also reflected in the company headquarters WI.com that embodies the guiding principle: “Open minds, open spaces.

EcoVadis Bronze-Label: WIKUS rated for sustainability

Sustainable approaches by companies is more important now than ever before. Economic alliances between companies and suppliers across the globe are formed in compliance with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) criteria. The company WIKUS-Sägenfabrik Wilhelm H. Kullmann GmbH Co. KG is also committed to these issues and underwent the globally recognized EcoVadis-Rating process for the first time.

Spangenberg, 21. June 2021: — In May 2021 WIKUS receive a Bronze-Label rating by the sustainability platform EcoVadis in its first attempt. This rating was based on an extensive assessment of all implemented corporate social responsibility measures and strategies and also included an evaluation of the business and procurement activities with particular focus on the ethical code of conduct as well as environment activities, labor laws and human rights. WIKUS’ CSR performance was then compared to a sector benchmark which confirmed its success.

Certification of sustainability is growing in importance across the globe

The requirements for sustainable production and procurement are increasing rapidly. This was verified in a study1 by the German supply chain consultants, Miebach Consulting, in 2020: the surveyed companies stated that, over the next few years, they intend to double the number of sustainability-related initiatives that they have already implemented in their companies. WIKUS has already noticed that measures and processes of its own CSR activities and those of its business partners need to be verified by means of certifications before a business relationship can be entered into. This is why the EcoVadis rating has become an important variable for global customers, suppliers and stakeholders as it allows them to assess sustainability, and the environmental and social practices of companies in their supply chain.

Dr. Jörg H. Kullmann, Managing Partner / CEO for Technology and Production

“We want to use the EcoVadis certification as an important signal for our customers, suppliers and the general public”, says Dr. Jörg H. Kullmann, CEO of WIKUS. “Our commitment in this field means that we can also help our partners to achieve their own sustainability goals!”

A CSR-conform supply chain offers market benefits and secures jobs.

EcoVadis not only allows companies to have their own CSR performance assessed, but also grants procurement teams of certified companies access to the EcoVadis databases to check the assessments of the sustainability performance of partners and suppliers. The importance of reviewing suppliers will continue to grow especially with regard to the ‘proposed bill governing corporate due diligence in the supply chain2 that will come into effect in Germany in 2023, and the connected obligation to assume responsibility for ensuring that human rights are respected and environmental protection is safeguarded along the entire supply chain. All efforts in this field are worthwhile: If the requirements of networked companies are implemented correctly, the number of disturbances along the supply chain will be reduced and costs will be minimized thanks to collaborative measures. Ultimately, a more sustainable approach allows the development of image and market benefits, as well as promoting growth and creating jobs.

Michael Möller, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) / Management Division Group of companies and sales

“Sustainability protects jobs!” Michael Möller, Managing Director of the Group and Sales at WIKUS is convinced of this and also adds: “This certification confirms what we have already been focusing on, and verifies our forward-thinking approach. It shows that our internal processes comply with social and ethical standards, and that WIKUS is a reliable partner within the global supply chain.

The EcoVadis-Rating not only assesses the relevant strengths and previously implemented CSR measures within the company, it also highlights optimization potential and strategies. WIKUS’ goal: to seize this opportunity and to derive and implement paths toward continuous improvement of the CSR performance, and to encourage suppliers to implement these principles with the ultimate goal of achieving an even better rating the second time around in 2022.

About EcoVadis

EcoVadis was founded in 2007 and is the largest supplier of company sustainability rating systems in the world. At this time, the global network includes more than 75,000 assessed companies. EcoVadis is a collaborative platform whose CSR scorecards help companies to monitor the environmental, ethical and social practices of their suppliers in more than 190 purchasing categories and 150 countries. Across the globe, the EcoVadis rating is an important variable for assessing sustainability, environmental and social practices in companies. The assessment is based on international CSR standards, for instance the Global Compact Principles, the conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO), the Global Reporting Initiative, the ISO 26000 Standard, the CERES Principles, and the UN Guidelines for Human Rights and Business, aka the Ruggie Framework.

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