Das Hartmetall-Sägeband FUTURA® 718 für Nickelbasislegierungen von WIKUS.

Successfully tackling difficult cutting challenges


Canada is one of the world’s top 10 producers of nickel. The demand for an efficient sawing solution for nickel is correspondingly high. Nickel-based alloys are a special challenge due to their composition. Jens Thieme, CTO of WIKUS Canada, talks about the relevance of FUTURA® 718 – for instance for the Canadian market.

From aerospace to the shipping industry and the energy sector, superalloys such as nickel-base alloys are used in a wide range of industries. And not without reason: The materials consist of a complex composition of nickel, chromium, iron, titanium cobalt and molybdenum . The result is a material structure that withstands extreme loads such as high pressure and temperatures of up to 870°C, is corrosion-resistant and is characterized by particularly high strength.

However, due to the structural composition, sawing users often reach their limits when cutting superalloys. High cutting forces can occur and there is a high risk of work hardening. How can these materials be processed efficiently?

A carbide band saw blade that withstands even the most extreme conditions

WIKUS, the world leader in metal cutting, has taken up this challenge and developed a special sawing tool. The carbide band saw blade FUTURA® 718 meets the high demands of cutting superalloys and difficult-to-machine materials. It enables particularly precise cuts and thus complements the comprehensive portfolio of efficient sawing tools from WIKUS.

“Special material properties require special cutting tools. Sawing tools with extremely sharp tooth edges and high heat resistance are required, as a lot of heat is generated when cutting superalloys. This is what our carbide band saw blade FUTURA® 718 stands for. Global companies already rely on this sawing solution, for example for cutting the nickel-based alloy Inconel 718 – with success,” says Jens Thieme, CTO of WIKUS Canada.

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Best Practice FUTURA® 718

Inconel 718 with diameter 470 mm
Figure: Inconel 718 with diameter 470 mm, processed with high-performance band saw blade FUTURA® 718

Whether machining engine and turbine components or steel structures: FUTURA® 718 optimally transfers the cutting force to the difficult-to-cut material so that the cutting quality and surface finish meet WIKUS’ high standards.

Thieme explains further: “We have received very positive results at many global costumers as a particularly positive feedback from a French steel supplier regarding the long blade-life. By using a sawing tool that can withstand the demands of complex nickel-base alloys such as Inconel 718, productivity has improved, and costs have been saved. The result is increased profitability and sustainability for our customers. Switching from their previous sawing solution to FUTURA® 718 was thus convincing all along the line.”

Nickel-base alloys and superalloys

Materials for the future

The advantages of nickel-base alloys and superalloys are clear: they are dimensionally stable, durable, versatile, making them ideal for the special requirements of a wide range of industries and for use in critical components.

“In Canada, 134,000 tons of nickel were produced in 2021. This ranks Canada sixth in the world. It is therefore no surprise that nickel and nickel-based products are exported to more than 100 countries worldwide. All the more reason for WIKUS Canada to provide the Canadian industry with innovative and efficient sawing solutions for the machining of nickel and nickel-based alloys. At its headquarters in Germany, WIKUS has been manufacturing sawing tools of outstanding ‘Made in Germany’ quality for over 65 years. This is a quality standard that will enable WIKUS Canada's customers to cut economically and to be well-position for the future,” explains Thieme.


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