The mobile handheld PC Zebra TC21/TC26 provides an overview of the current status of orders and warehouse utilization at any time.

WIstockIT® mobile version now available for more savings in band saw blade purchase-to-order proces

WIKUS has just released the mobile app version of the WIstockIT® ordering and warehouse management system worldwide. It replaces the previous hardware concept and can be experienced live at the WIKUS booth at EMO 2023 in Hanover, Germany.

Spangenberg, September 12th, 2023 — WIKUS-Sägenfabrik  has enhanced itsautomated ordering and warehouse management system WIstockIT®. The optimized system is now available as a mobile app for use with handheld barcode scanners. It replaces previously used stationary RFID-based components and provides greater flexibility in the procurement and logistics of band saw blades, and now also for band saw blade rolls.

Automated procurement and warehouse management system

“Digital process optimization is one of the key requirements for modern, efficient and effective production processes,” said Lukas Fröhlich, digitization manager at WIKUS. “User-friendly applications on future-proof mobile devices, which are now indispensable in the private sector, are the tools of the frontline worker of tomorrow. The goal of WIKUS is to develop services for our customers that meet these standards.”

“This is what makes the enhancement of the WIstockIT® solution a logical step for WIKUS on the path to digitization and its ability to automate procurement processes offers our customers enormous savings potential in terms of purchasing and logistics resources,” added Rolf Wiederhold, international product manager at WIKUS.

Aside from the added flexibility in displaying multiple warehouse locations in the app, features such as automated ordering processes for band saw blades and rolls have been further improved in this digital tool: A band saw blade can be automatically replaced via predefined minimum and maximum stocks as part of a digital delivery, removal and inventory correction workflow. Once WIKUS ships the order, the customer receives the shipping status directly in the WIstockIT® system, keeping them up to date at all times. This simplifies procurement in the manufacturing industry, optimizes resource use, improves delivery performance and reduces capital commitment at the warehouse.

The WIstockIT® ordering and warehousing system affects the customer's entire purchase-to-order process and saves time and costs overall.

Reduce purchase-to-order costs with the WIstockIT® digital tool


WIstockIT® was developed from the basic idea of a purchase-to-order process whose primary goal is to automate all of a company's processes from the ordering of goods and services by purchasing to goods receipt. This allows for an end-to-end increase in efficiency in the procurement and logistics of sawing tools, as time no longer has to be spent processing items such as purchase requisitions, order confirmations and packing slips.

“With the digital WIstockIT® solution, we are helping our business partners further simplify and accelerate their procurement and warehouse logistics processes,” elaborated Heiko Wilken, CEO of the subsidiary WIKUS NORDIC AB.
Additionally, parts of the new WIstockIT® mobile app can be readily integrated into and customized for existing purchase-to-pay processes, which include all steps up to settlement of outstanding supplier invoices by financial accounting.

WIKUS-Sägenfabrik itself is taking steps within its organization to automate and digitize processes, with the first part of the “Purchase to Pay” project being live since the end of April.

WIstockIT® passes field test in purchasing for international customers

The success of the WIstockIT® system in use by international customer Uddeholm AB confirmed this mobile application. The Swedish steel company can use the mobile app in its own national language and optimize ordering processes by quickly adjusting delivery volumes.

“In volatile times, it is especially important for us to ensure the supply of materials with an efficient warehouse management and ordering system. Our many years of partnership with WIKUS reinforced our decision to work with them on a digital solution—with success,” said Kerry Larsmalm, operator and supervisor at Uddeholm AB, on the use of WIstockIT®.

Now all WIKUS customers and retail partners in Germany and other countries can benefit from this experience. Current users of WIstockIT® were already switched over to the new system, which is constant development and will soon make it possible to manage precision circular saw blades from WIKUS.

Experience WIKUS and WIstockIT® at EMO 2023

In tune with the convention's theme “Future of Connectivity”, the new WIstockIT® will be one of the highlights at the WIKUS booth in Hall 3, Booth B20 during EMO 2023 in Hanover, Germany, from September 18th to September 23rd, 2023. The world’s leading trade fair on production technology is dedicated this year to the technological aspects of the transformation, such as new applications and automation processes with a holistic approach. Exciting developments are guaranteed, including at WIKUS: WIstockIT® is currently available for Android systems (Google) and will soon be available for iOS (Apple)—come talk to us to learn more.


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