Meeting between representatives of participating institutions and businesses of the Roundtable Against Right-Wing Extremism.

WIKUS advocates for democracy, diversity and equal rights

WIKUS signed the Spangenberg Antiracism Charter in fall 2023. WIKUS will meet with other participating institutions on honing the content of the Charter with the stated goal of organizing regular events in the region on racism and democracy.  

Spangenberg, February 26th, 2024 The signatories to the Spangenberg Antiracism Charter have announced their intention to attend or organize regular events in an effort to increase the visibility of the Charter and begin a dialog with the public. As part of the Spangenberg School’s “Diversity” project week, the Charter members will present for the first time and talk to students about racism and democracy. WIKUS will also be in attendance.

WIKUS speaks out against racism

A company culture in which every employee is included and has the opportunity for active codetermination—this is what distinguishes Europe's largest saw blade manufacturer. Spangenberg is the home of WIKUS—we have roots here. As a family-owned company, we have a social responsibility to the region. Now more than ever, it is important to show conviction and convey a fundamental understanding of values and principles. This is why we support the Spangenberg Antiracism Charter as a signatory by speaking out against antihuman, antidemocratic or xenophobic attitudes. With this clear stance on respecting human rights, WIKUS is not only remaining loyal to the basic principles of our company but also promoting diversity and equal rights within both the company and the region.

International experts for North Hesse business hub

From a business view, a society and work environment that are diverse and free from discrimination is extremely desirable. The economy will face major challenges in the coming years: Demographic changes and skills shortages are increasing demand for experts from other countries and those with a migratory background. Spangenberg can only remain attractive as a business hub over the long term with their help.

Spangenberg Antiracism Charter

The City of Spangenberg created a roundtable against right-wing extremism in 2022 consisting of representatives from the administration, the parties in the city parliament, the Protestant community, the organization Spangensteine e.V., the Himmelsfels Foundation as well as members of the public with relevant expertise. Together, they drafted the Spangenberg Antiracism Charter, which is intended as a foundation and model for all organizations, institutions and businesses as well as have widespread backing.

On October 20th, 2022, the city council approved the Charter and set up a discrimination helpline.

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