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Coated Band Saw Blades

Coated Band Saw Blades Coated Band Saw Blades Diamond coated band saw blades As the hardest material known to man, diamonds are capable of cutting any material, as well as alloys. The unique properties [...] Carbide coated band saw blades Carbide coated band saw blades for cutting wire-reinforced tyres, composite  materials, case-hardened steels, glass fibre and graphite.  The extremely durable band edge is suitable [...] DIAGRIT® program will be adapted to stainless special steel. CBN-coated band saw blades WIKUS expands its portfolio of the coated band saw blades by the new product  CUBOGRIT® which uses cubic boron nitride

Material and band saw blade

program) Band saw blade The blade-life is affected by the following band saw blade factors: Tool selection band saw blade based on Cutting material Tooth pitch Possible special geometry Load on the band saw [...] Material & Band saw blade Material and Band saw blade: Factors that influence the blade-life of a band saw blade Material Following material factors affect the blade-life: Material (very thin) Analysis [...] blade Tooth tip Carrier band  Workpiece clamping Thermal load Band tension Two-column machine Impact load Bending Vertical band saw Abrasive wear load Torsion Swivel frame band saw High-frequency vibration

The Online Cutting Data Program ParaMaster®

with influencing variables such as machine data, band saw blade types and tooth pitches. In particular, ParaMaster® supports with the choice of band saw blade and identifying the cutting parame-ters, whilst [...] ParaMaster® not only selects the matching band saw blade types from the extensive WIKUS program, but also defines the optimum cutting parameters for the band saw blade. Hartmut Vanselow, machine operator [...] addition to the selection of the optimum band saw blade, correct configu-ration of the cutting parameters can significantly boost the cost efficiency of the sawing processes by en-hancing the cutting performance

WIKUS presents its precision circular saw blades for boosting cutting performance and productivity

higher efficiency Also, the band saw blade manufacturer will be presenting the bimetal band saw blades PROFLEX ® , PROFLEX ® PREMIUM SW M42 and MARATHON ® M42 that are extremely wear-resistant in conventional [...] reduction of sawing noises and the excellent quality of the cutting surface.” WIKUS precision circular saw blades for boosting cutting performance and productivity High-performance band saw blades for higher [...] recommendations to allow the right band saw blade to be identified for each sawing tasks in a few simple steps, whilst the ParaMaster ® software helps customers optimise their sawing processes. Interested visitors

WIKUS-Stand auf der TUBE in Halle 6, Stand A30 © WIKUS
The High-Performer for Large Cross-Sections

which is occasionally not the optimal one. New band saw blade saves time and tool costs With the SKALAR®, WIKUS-Sägenfabrik developed a high-performance band saw blade for highest demands which convinces with [...] production processes. 31. January 2019 New benchmarks at INTEC 2019 WIKUS saw factory will present its new PRIMAR® M42 bimetal band saw blade to the public for the first time at the INTEC International Trade [...] special bandsaws on the cus-tomer side and complex bandsaws in terms of operation – and not all band saw blades can cope with these spe-cial requirements. In this context, performance, efficiency (cost


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