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high-performance band saw blade machines of the make Friggi and also on the newly purchased band saw machines of the make FRANHO . In cooperation with WIKUS, the aim was to select suitable band saw blades for [...] ranging from the optimum selection of the band saw blade, through the configuration of the cutting parameters and maintenance of the band saw machines. The band saw blade ECODUR ® was also able to double [...] a ECODUR ® band saw blade led to total cost savings per cut of 42%. Also, it was possible to achieve a machine capacity per band of around 37 hours. Saving costs with high-quality band saw blades Thanks

Why saw bands fail: The most common causes

are a natural end of life condition. Prevent band breaks The failure of a band saw blade by band breakage is usually due to mechanical damage of the carrier band during the cutting process. It is important [...] order to prevent another band break. The most common cause of band breakage lies in the area around the band guides. Lateral band guides may be poorly adjustment or worn, rear band guides may be worn. When [...] Back Why band saw blades fail: The most common causes The most common reason for band saw blade failure is end of life due to wear of the cutting teeth, but also unnatural cutting characteristics, poor

Material and band saw blade

program) Band saw blade The blade-life is affected by the following band saw blade factors: Tool selection band saw blade based on Cutting material Tooth pitch Possible special geometry Load on the band saw [...] Material & Band saw blade Material and Band saw blade: Factors that influence the blade-life of a band saw blade Material Following material factors affect the blade-life: Analysis (composition / DIN - [...] blade Tooth tip Carrier band Workpiece clamping Thermal load Band tension Two-column machine Impact load Bending Vertical band saw Abrasive wear load Torsion Swivel frame band saw High-frequency vibration

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Carbide Band Saw Blades Carbide Band Saw Blades Very high cutting performance for increased productivity Carbide-tipped Band Saw Blades Excellent results in every application thanks to the different degrees [...] of capacity bottlenecks Carbide-tipped band saw blades Metric Imperial DUROSET ® Product level 2 Hook tooth Solid materials Band width 27 x 0.9 - 100 x 1.6mm Band width 1-1/16 x 0.035 - 4 x 0.063 Inch To [...] watchlist Carbide-tipped band saw blades with hard material coating Metric Imperial DUROSET ® PREMIUM Product level 2 Hook tooth Solid materials Band width 34 x 1.1 - 80 x 1.6mm Band width 1-3/8 x 0.042 -

Band saw blades

our production processes for future operations. Spangenberg, 23 February 2022: Spangenberg-based band saw blade manufacturer WIKUS has budgeted around 13 million euros for investments in machine capacity [...] led to a significant increase in incoming orders. “Therefore, we need additional line capacity in band saw blade production to meet our customers' needs.” In order to cope with the order intake in terms [...] personnel extension in the future-oriented area of precision circular saw blades WIKUS sharpens its profile in the field of precision circular saw blades (PCSB) and strengthens the sales team with an important

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