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Within the metal industry, the production, processing and trade of non-ferrous metals or alloys and semi-finished products made of non-ferrous metals play a special role. Non-ferrous metals comprise all metals and metal alloys in which the pure iron percentage is not higher than 50%. Thanks to their properties, non-ferrous metals and their alloys are used in particular in the machine, aircraft and vehicle construction fields, in the construction industry and in electrical and electronic equipment. In this connection, the following parameters are decisive for success:

  • Speed and high cutting outputs
  • High delivery quality
  • Efficiency
  • Innovation

Highly efficient, precise tools

WIKUS offers highly efficient, precise tools to optimise these requirements.

Non-ferrous metal trade

Non-ferrous metal trade

Non-ferrous metal trade

The non-ferrous trade cuts sheet metal, plates, rods and profiles of various thicknesses and dimensions precisely to customer specifications.

Short delivery times require reliable, flexible suppliers with high-quality tools that correspond to the special requirements.

WIKUS provides band saw blades that, thanks to their special carrier material and tooth geometry, meet the requirements relating to high blade-life and cutting performance.

Non-ferrous metal production

Non-ferrous metal production

Non-ferrous metal production

Manufacturers use systems to produce non-ferrous metals (from primary ore, concentrates) and secondary raw materials (scrap etc.) and also to further process these metals (melting, foundries, production of semi-finished goods). The result: corrosion-resistant products with excellent processing qualities, little tension and good mechanical properties for a wide variety of finishing applications.

WIKUS supplies high-performance, durable band saw blades that ensure excellent surfaces and therefore little off-cut waste.

WIKUS IN the non-ferrous industry at a glance


Experience in years


Successful customer projects


Application range

Our performance promise

  • A full-range supplier of high-tech tools
    Bimetal, carbide, diamond-studded band saw blades for almost all sawing applications
  • High-performance, cost-efficient sawing tools
    Improved productivity and / or reduction of the costs
  • Reliable high quality of your band saw blades
    Consistently high quality allows planning security
  • Individual tools
    Adjustment until the new development of band saw blades for your application
  • Support competence
    Selection of the optimum band saw blade for your application, cutting tests, cutting costs calculations and analyses with state-of-the-art software tool
  • Process optimisation
    Regular checks by competent technical supervision and, if necessary, optimisation of the recommended solution
  • Training
    Theoretical and practical training on site and/or in the training centre in Spangenberg

Any more questions?

The experts of our Technical Competence Center are happy to help you answer further technical questions connected to band selection and use.

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