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Significant process optimization through quality band saw blades

Thanks to WIKUS’ high-quality products and comprehensive services, French titanium alloy cutter and distributor Aerometals & Alloys was able to increase the productivity of cutting processes by 50 % to 70 %.

Customer profile

Aerometals & Alloys is a France-based stockholder and distributor of titanium, which provides a comprehensive range of cutting services including sawing, laser cutting and waterjet cutting. It supplies its customers in the aerospace industry with titanium alloys in the form of plates, bars and clinkstones as well as stainless steel.

Challenges and requirements

After the Acnis Group acquired Aerometals & Alloys, the company wished to reposition itself in terms of productivity and costs management by optimizing its cutting  processes to better meet the highly demanding requirements in the aerospace industry. For that, Aerometals & Alloys needed cutting tools with both high cutting speeds and long blade life, high-quality cutting surfaces to minimize waste, and a cost-efficient sawing solution.

The solution


In 2016, Aerometals & Alloys contacted WIKUS, asking to test its products in trial cuts on titanium against competitors. After intensive trials with the WIKUS bi-metal blade MARATHON® X3000® and the carbide blade TAURUS®, the results were clear:

The WIKUS blades offered lower cutting times and a longer service life, compared to competing solutions. In total, the WIKUS solutions provided a productivity increase of 50 % to 70 %, compared to the previously used blades, making WIKUS the new supplier of cutting tools and supporting services for Aerometals & Alloys.

Overall, due to the high-performing, best-in-class quality band saw blades ...

... from WIKUS, in combination with top consulting and training, we could reduce blade consumption by almost 50 % and more. We consider WIKUS as a very strong partner that is always available and helped us competently to strongly increase our profi tability.”

WIKUS supporting service

Comprehensive consulting & on-site testing

to support Aerometals & Alloys in choosing the cutting solutions best suited to their specifi c requirements.

Training sessions for the Aerometals & Alloys staff

to further increase productivity and effi ciency of processes.

Ongoing project consulting

in the form of both on-site and remote support services, in case Aerometals & Alloys is initiating new projects or otherwise in need of support.

Optimization of cutting costs

by providing a deep-going cutting costs analysis as well as ParaMaster®, an online tool, which helps analyzing and optimizing cutting processes.

Any more questions?

Our experts in the WIKUS application engineering division will be happy to help you answer further technical questions connected to band selection and use.

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