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Effectively and efficiently optimizing a wide range of cutting processes

To help the French cutting expert Cap Coupes Services improve its cutting processes, WIKUS provided a variety of high-quality products and comprehensive services and developed a custom saw blade according to Cap Coupes Services' specifications.

Customer profile

Cap Coupes Services is a France-based provider of standardized and custom cutting services for a wide range of materials including titanium and Inconel. Cap Coupes Services' portfolio also includes sample drawing, metallurgical examinations and preparing mechanical tests for demanding customers from various industries.

Challenges and requirements

Due to the large variety of different materials and cross-sections to be cut, e.g. titanium, Inconel and super-duplex steel, Cap Coupes Services needs a wide range of cutting tools for different applications as well as reliable, high-performing band saw blades. To optimally meet these requirements, a full-service partner with comprehensive product range, deep technical know-how and consulting expertise in regard to output optimization was required.

The solution


When Cap Coupes Services was looking to replace their former supplier, WIKUS’ deep knowledge of band saw blades and other cutting tools, their broad range of high-quality products and the outstanding results of initial cutting tests caught the attention of Cap Coupes Services.

Intensive on-site testing under realistic conditions along with an in-depth cutting cost analysis and the subsequent development of a custom blade with a special tooth pitch for specific applications followed, cementing WIKUS’ status as Cap Coupes Services' new principal supplier along the whole operating process.

We have highly demanding customers…

… with high timing, cost, quality and cut tolerance requirements. WIKUS supports us effectively and efficiently in satisfying them. Their diverse, high-performing band saw blades keep productivity high and lead times short. Also, the very competent technical and at the same time personal support along with the extraordinary ParaMaster® software, which allows us to optimize our cutting parameters, have been crucial to run our operations successfully. In summary, WIKUS has played a major role in expanding our business by more than 50 % over the last 5 to 8 years.

WIKUS supporting service

Comprehensive consulting & on-site testing

to support Cap Coupes Services in choosing the cutting solutions best suited to their specific requirements.

On-site training sessions

to introduce the new blades and teach the Cap Coupes Services staff about correct handling.

Custom product development

in the form of a saw blade with a special tooth pitch for a bandwidth of 67 mm.

Ongoing cutting cost optimization

by providing technical support and consulting as well as ParaMaster®, an online tool, which helps analyzing and optimizing cutting processes.

Any more questions?

The experts of our Technical Competence Center are happy to help you answer further technical questions connected to band selection and use.

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