The botanical name “Castanea sativa” roughly means “chestnut sawn”. The edges of the tree’s leaves are also reminiscent of saw teeth from sawing tools. Source:
The botanical name “Castanea sativa” roughly means “chestnut sawn”. The edges of the tree’s leaves are also reminiscent of saw teeth from sawing tools. Source:

New family tree in front of WIKUS headquarters

A sweet chestnut tree was officially inaugurated during a ceremony. The tree embodies the cohesion as well as the partnership at WIKUS.

Spangenberg, November 7th, 2022: On Saturday, November 5th, 2022, a sweet chestnut tree was officially inaugurated as the new “WIKUS family tree” during a small ceremony attended by WIKUS shareholders and WIKUS management.

A chestnut tree with “saw teeth” in front of the doors of the company headquarters

In the interview, the shareholders of the WIKUS-Sägenfabrik provided background information on the intention of the planting and explained the tree selection as well as the symbolism of the sweet chestnut for the family business: The botanical name of the chestnut is “Castanea sativa” and means “chestnut sawn”. In addition, the edges of the tree’s leaves would resemble the saw teeth of WIKUS’s sawing tools.

“In addition, the planting date of the family tree has a special meaning,” said partner Lisa Kullmann, explaining further, “Today, our grandfather, father and company founder Wilhelm Kullmann would have turned 94. Our senior laid the foundation for the family and the family business WIKUS with the decision to come to Spangenberg. This connects us all together and it was in his honor that we chose this special date to plant the tree.”

A tree that connects the past and the future

The family tree reinforces the cooperation between employees and stands for the partnership with customers, partners and shareholders of WIKUS. With the inauguration of the tree, together all the shareholders sent a message of perspective and solidarity to the company as well as to the future of WIKUS. “Today we symbolically connect a piece of the tree’s past with the future of WIKUS. In more than 64 years, our family-owned company WIKUS has continuously developed and gained a world-wide reputation on an international level,” says Dr. techn. Jörg H. Kullmann, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman of the board with Management Division Technology and Production, and adds: “We have experienced many successes and highlights, but there have also been worries and conflicts. To have made it this far is a great collective success. With the planting of our family tree, we also wish for a conclusion of the turmoil and a symbolic new beginning. Let’s look to the future with confidence and optimism.”

A family tree as a symbol of cohesion at WIKUS

As a gesture of cohesion and mutual appreciation, shareholders, management and members of the works council grabbed shovels and watering cans at the end of the inauguration ceremony and finally planted the sweet chestnut. During the culinary finale, colleagues were able to exchange ideas with their family members and experience the new family tree together.

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