WIKUS Bimetal Product Portfolio

New: Upgrade for the WIKUS Bimetal Product Portfolio

WIKUS has optimized its bimetal product portfolio for you and made it even more application-focused.
In addition to a refined product range, which significantly simplifies the band saw blade selection, you benefit from services that have been specially tailored to your needs.

Refined Product Range – Our Innovations:

Now even more flexible: with the new upgrade for our bimetal portfolio, WIKUS offers you more flexibility in the range of applications and more clarity in the selection process of band saw blades – still providing the same superior quality you are used to.

Three products for all common bimetal sawing applications at levels 1 + 2

The range of band saw blades has been simplified; now you only need MARATHON® M42, PROFLEX® M42 and PRIMAR® M42 for the majority of sawing applications in the bimetal sector.

Band saw blades for special applications to top it all off

For difficult-to-cut materials or highest cutting performance, WIKUS additionally offers band saw blades with different coatings or in the X3000 version.

Added value through interlocked and needs-based products and services

For each user group, the appropriate service package can be specifically tailored to ensure optimal sawing results.


What does this mean for your future band saw blade orders?

As of April 1, 2022, the article groups ECOFLEX® M42, ECOFLEX® NE M42, VARIO® M42 as well as BIFLEX® M42 cannot be ordered anymore. Orders which will reach us after April 1, 2022, will automatically be converted into the optimized product portfolio:

All dimensions of VARIO® M42 larger than or equal to 13x0.65mm will be found under PROFLEX® M42 and will thus also have our strengthened profile tooth.

All smaller dimensions will be found under PRIMAR® M42 (for use in workshops or smaller industrial companies) with standard tooth.

All dimensions of BIFLEX® M42 greater than or equal to 13x0.65mm with one hook tooth will be found under MARATHON® M42 (industrial applications with high-performance requirements).

All other dimensions and tooth forms of BIFLEX® M42 can be found under PRIMAR® M42.

PRIMAR® M42 will be available to all customers who previously ordered ECOFLEX® M42 /ECOFLEX® NE M42. They will now also benefit from technical improvements and a good price-performance ratio in the level 1 sector.

The Core of the Optimized Bimetal Product Range

MARATHON® M42, PROFLEX® M42 and PRIMAR® M42 will cover almost all common applications in the bimetal sector in the corresponding dimensions in the future.

Interlocking Service and Product Benefits Increase Added Value

To ensure that you benefit from your product solution throughout its entire service life, WIKUS offers the appropriate services:

Your Benefits of Our Consulting Services:

  • Reduction and optimization of your cutting costs
  • Securing efficiency and increasing productivity
  • Process reliability with quality "Made in Germany"

Did You Know?

With the purchase of a new MARATHON® M42 and PROFLEX® M42, our comprehensive WIKUS Services are included; with the purchase of a PRIMAR® M42, these can be added as required.
This way, our range of services always matches  your individual needs.

With these measures, WIKUS offers you maximum additional benefits beyond the sawing tools.

Improved and Sustainable Band Saw Blade Technology

In addition to our services, MARATHON® M42, PROFLEX® M42 and PRIMAR® M42 have also been further optimized technologically.
This not only reflects WIKUS' technical innovation leadership, but also its focus on sustainability. In 2021, WIKUS received the bronze label of the EcoVadis platform for environmentally conscious procurement and production.

The products convince with tried-and-tested and improved product characteristics:

  • Super-finishing
  • Tooth tip quality/tooth edge sharpness that sets standards in cutting performance
  • Optimized cabinet precision
  • Solvent-free corrosion protection resulting in even better welding capability and less susceptible to hand sweat
  • High-quality, solvent-free band printing incl. QR code for app-based cutting data optimization (ParaMaster®)

Are You Ready for an Upgrade?

Send us an e-mail or call us for advice on our products and services.

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