Be it the construction sector, chemical corporations or manufacturers of innovative semi-conductors - suppliers in this segment face enormous competitive pressure and need to service increasingly specific customer requirements. Also, a wide range of different materials are used in the production processes, in some cases highly-specific materials due to the exposure to extreme conditions. As a result, companies make the following main requirements of their suppliers:

  • Attractive overall costs
  • Flexible application fields
  • High-performing and efficient machining output
  • Consistently high quality
  • Innovative product solutions also for challenging requirements

Flexible product portfolio

Thanks to its flexible product portfolio, continuous developments to meet the needs of the market and the width of the portfolio that includes high-performance tools through inexpensive starter products, WIKUS supplies sawing solutions for the industry.

Construction sector

Construction sector

Construction sector

Civil and structural engineering construction companies, construction installations and other construction trades continue to face rising prices for raw materials, increasing product costs and sustainability demands. In particular, the diversity and structure of the materials processed and the need for high machining outputs represent a huge challenge for the industry.

  • Guarantee use for the construction site
  • Durability of the band saw blade on hand-held machines
  • Short delivery times in emergencies

Customers in the construction sector therefore profit from the universal and also high-performing WIKUS band saw blades that help them with their complex tasks.

  • Natural stone, aerated concrete
  • Sand-lime brick

Chemicals & plastics

Chemicals & plastics

Chemicals & plastics

In the chemical industry, required inorganic and organic substances are produced for many other sectors, e.g. the plastics, automotive, glass and mechanical engineering sectors. The industry is characterised by high cost and innovation pressure at the international level using highly complex procedural techniques. Planning security, cost efficiency and processing various materials are the requirements made of the preliminary processes by the industry.

  • Precision in the processing

WIKUS with its know-how of the industry and broad product portfolio allows plannable, cost-reducing results - and all this for very hard or complex materials.

  • Tubes, profiles
  • Nickel-based alloys
  • Plastic, technical glass

Semiconductors & carbon

Semiconductors & carbon

Semiconductors & carbon

Semiconductors are used in e.g. computers, mains adapters, solar cells. They largely comprise silicon; the crucible supports are usually made of the composite material carbon. As developments progress, semiconductors are becoming smaller and their performance is improving; also, there are strict requirements with respect to heat and corrosion resistance purity and mechanical stability. Accordingly, absolute processing quality is required in preliminary processes to ensure the quality and purity of components.

Thanks to state-of-the-art production technologies, WIKUS supplies semiconductor manufacturers with highly precise machining tools so that their products can be manufactured quickly and efficiently within narrow tolerances.



Experience in years


Successful customer projects


Application range

Our performance promise

  • A full-range supplier of high-tech tools
    Bimetal, carbide, diamond-studded band saw blades for almost all sawing applications
  • High-performance, cost-efficient sawing tools
    Improved productivity and / or reduction of the costs
  • Reliable high quality of your band saw blades
    Consistently high quality allows planning security
  • Individual tools
    Adjustment until the new development of band saw blades for your application
  • Support competence
    Selection of the optimum band saw blade for your application, cutting tests, cutting costs calculations and analyses with state-of-the-art software tool
  • Process optimisation
    Regular checks by competent technical supervision and, if necessary, optimisation of the recommended solution
  • Training
    Theoretical and practical training on site and/or in the training centre in Spangenberg

Any more questions?

Our experts in the WIKUS application engineering division will be happy to help you answer further technical questions connected to band selection and use.

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