The growing importance of climate protection in the face of the finiteness of fossil and nuclear resources is leading to a gradual shift from the conventional supply of nuclear and coal power energy toward renewable sources, such as wind or solar power. At the same time, the production of chemical products made of natural gas and crude oil in the international context are still highly important. The companies in the energy and recycling industry have some decisive factors of success in common:

  • High reliability of the materials used
  • High process security during production
  • High level of efficiency along the value creation chain
  • Extensive service in complex plant projects

Planners and operators from the energy and recycling segments across the world rely on cost-efficient, productivity-improving machining tools by WIKUS.




In the petrochemical sector, mineral oils are frequently mixed with a wide variety of materials in refineries. In the production process, steels like duplex steel and Ni-based alloys play an important role due to their corrosion-resistance and welding capabilities; at the same time, machining these steels poses a huge challenge.

WIKUS sawing tools stand out thanks to their high performance capability for these applications and reproducible high quality; at the same time, you profit from the high delivery performance and an excellent price-performance ratio.

Renewable energies / offshore

Renewable energies / offshore

Renewable energies / offshore

Photovoltaic, wind energy or hydropower are classic sources of renewable energy. The materials used are subject to some demanding processing requirements; for instance, offshore wind turbines need to withstand extreme climatic conditions, machining solar cells made of silicon requires a lot of know-how and special sawing tools.

Planning and implementing processes in the plant engineering field requires closely meshed supplier processes, and quality and time-critical delivery situations need to be managed efficiently.

  • Suppliers must be able to present standards/certifications
  • Handling quality assurance agreements

WIKUS provides high-tech tools that can be used with a variety of materials and offer very high performance with respect to the cutting performance.

Dismantling of nuclear power plants

Dismantling of nuclear power plants

Dismantling of nuclear power plants

Since the government announced the phase out of nuclear power in 2011, dismantling of these plants is a fast-growing business field that makes exacting demands on the machines and tools used.

Our core competence Dismantling of all components with the band saw blade technology Our support begins by helping the energy companies and power plant operators plan and prepare to dismantle the systems.

Our product portfolio offers highly efficient precision band saw blades for all sawing applications using for dismantling work.

  • Turbine casing
  • Turbine shafts
  • Turbine blades
  • High-pressure tank
  • Steam generator
  • Reactor pressure casing
  • Pressure pipes and connections
  • Steel construction
  • Reinforced concrete



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Application range

Our performance promise

  • A full-range supplier of high-tech tools
    Bimetal, carbide, diamond-studded band saw blades for almost all sawing applications
  • High-performance, cost-efficient sawing tools
    Improved productivity and / or reduction of the costs
  • Reliable high quality of your band saw blades
    Consistently high quality allows planning security
  • Individual tools
    Adjustment until the new development of band saw blades for your application
  • Support competence
    Selection of the optimum band saw blade for your application, cutting tests, cutting costs calculations and analyses with state-of-the-art software tool
  • Process optimisation
    Regular checks by competent technical supervision and, if necessary, optimisation of the recommended solution
  • Training
    Theoretical and practical training on site and/or in the training centre in Spangenberg

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The experts of our Technical Competence Center are happy to help you answer further technical questions connected to band selection and use.

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