Across the world, steel is produced in state-of-the-art production blast furnaces. Steelworks focus on the cost-efficient manufacture and supply of steel for finishing and mechanical processing for sales. Significant criteria for the manufacture of preliminary products are the following technological properties:

  • Hardness and tensile strength
  • Homogeneous microstructure without metallurgical deviations
  • Forging and shaping capability
  • Dimensional stability
  • (Rust and acid resistance)
  • Heat resistance

Efficient solutions

WIKUS offers efficient solutions to support customers from the steel production and processing sector with high-performance band saw blades during machining.

Steel manufacturer

Steel manufacturer

Steel manufacturer

Thanks to it close involvement in other sectors, such as the automotive industry or mechanical engineering, the steel industry is a so-called basic industry with respect to flat and long products. In their process, steelworks rely heavily on reliable partners with high-performance, cost-effective tools.

  • Cutting precision / process security in over-dimensional material sizes (avoiding offcuts)
  • R&D / special productions for difficult-to-machine / very strong materials
  • A large range of materials requires flexibility, a large portfolio and technical support

WIKUS supplies sawing tools in a consistently high level of quality as a solution for difficult-to-machine steels.

  • Solid materials mad of non-alloyed, alloyed, rust and acid-resistant steel, heat-resistant and high temperature-resistant steels
  • Steel blocks
  • Large mould parts

Steel trade

Steel trade

Steel trade

The steel trade represents the direct link between the steel manufacturers and the industry during fabrication and distribution of steel. High competitive intensity and, at the same time, high cost pressure on the buyer side puts pressure on margins in the trade and requires the efficient use of tools.

  • Reduction of the cutting time at a constant level of quality
  • High material / dimension range requires all-rounders
  • Process analyses and optimization for loading, personnel deployment, unloading
  • Machine / process optimization during fully automatic sawing processes

The machining tools by WIKUS offer a very good price-performance ratio, thereby helping the steel trade to work efficiently in the face of cost pressures.

Foundries & forging

Foundries and forging

Foundries and forging

The casting of complex workpieces requires relatively few process steps, but the achieved levels of precision are very low so that cast parts frequently need to be reworked. The drop-forging stage, which frequently follows casting, allows the shape to be changed. High quality standards, flexibility, delivery security and high productivity are drivers of both sectors.

Thanks to the extensive product portfolio and the precise high-performance band saw blades, WIKUS allows you to keep post-machining reworking as low as possible, and thereby increase cost efficiency.



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Our performance promise

  • A full-range supplier of high-tech tools
    Bimetal, carbide, diamond-studded band saw blades for almost all sawing applications
  • High-performance, cost-efficient sawing tools
    Improved productivity and / or reduction of the costs
  • Reliable high quality of your band saw blades
    Consistently high quality allows planning security
  • Individual tools
    Adjustment until the new development of band saw blades for your application
  • Support competence
    Selection of the optimum band saw blade for your application, cutting tests, cutting costs calculations and analyses with state-of-the-art software tool
  • Process optimisation
    Regular checks by competent technical supervision and, if necessary, optimisation of the recommended solution
  • Training
    Theoretical and practical training on site and/or in the training centre in Spangenberg

Any more questions?

The experts of our Technical Competence Center are happy to help you answer further technical questions connected to band selection and use.

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